Introducing our new Stockton Ecodesign Wood burning and Multi-fuel Stoves

Introducing our new Stockton Ecodesign Wood burning and Multi-fuel Stoves

Our popular Stockton range has long epitomised everything Stovax stoves stand for — stunning aesthetics, durable construction and reliability. Now enhanced with Ecodesign Ready combustion systems and integral heat shields for greater installation versatility, Stockton 3 and 5 stoves sit proudly at the forefront of stove design.

Classically versatile with impressive flame visuals

With their classic but simple styling, Stovax Stockton 3 and 5 wood burning and multi-fuel stoves can grace a range of homes —  from the country cottage to the Victorian townhouse. Even contemporary settings can be enhanced with a Stockton stove effortlessly forming the pièce de résistance of your living room. And thanks to their powerful Airwash systems, the attractive exterior is complemented by an outstanding flame picture visible though the arched window.

Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves

The Stovax Stockton 3 and Stockton 5 are available as multi-fuel stoves with external riddling, which lets you burn either logs or smokeless mineral fuels depending on your preference. If you’re only looking to burn wood, the Stockton 5 can also be selected as a dedicated wood burning version. This model has a flat bed burn chamber that creates optimal conditions for burning wood.

Ecodesign Ready and DEFRA Smoke Control Approved

Both Stockton 3 and 5 stoves have been engineered to meet or exceed exacting Ecodesign air quality targets, set to be introduced for newly manufactured stoves from 2022. Both models sail below maximum permitted Ecodesign emission levels in line with the Government’s Clean Air Strategy. Independently verified as SIA Ecodesign Ready by the Stove Industry Alliance, all Stockton 3 and 5 Eco stoves naturally meet requirements for current DEFRA smoke control zones, making them suitable for town or country homes.

Integral heat shields for greater installation options

Whilst developing our improved Stockton 3 and Stockton 5 stoves, we also incorporated integral heat shields to allow for greater installation versatility. Reducing heat levels behind the stove decreases the appliance’s minimum distance to combustibles, giving you greater freedom to choose where your Stockton is sited .

12mm hearth compatible

To make installation even easier and further expand interior design options, we also made these new models compatible with a 12mm hearth. Put simply, this means that when your Stockton Eco stove is installed you won’t need the usual 125mm constructional hearth (typically made from concrete or brick). Instead, you can opt for a decorative 12mm non-combustible material such as tile or even glass.

Where can I buy a Stockton 3 or Stockton 5 stove?

Contact your local Stovax retailer to purchase a Stockton 3 or 5 wood burning or multi-fuel stove. It’s worth checking they have one before you travel, but more often than not your expert retailer will be able to show you one of these attractive stoves burning. They will also be able to answer any installation questions you might have and conduct a site survey before you buy to ensure you choose the right sized stove for your home.

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