Instant heat from a gas fire

Instant heat from a gas fire

For instant heat from the switch of a button, a gas fire is the perfect choice. Glass fronted versions often have efficiency rates in excess of 80% making them extremely effective at warming your home and an excellent use of your fuel.

This year Gazco has added to its extensive selection of gas fires with the revamped Logic™ HE range. These smart gas fires may be installed into a conventional chimney or with a balanced flue. They have a choice of control types from manual operation, a Standard remote handset or the all-new Slide control. With its subtle design in sleek stainless steel, the Slide lever has smooth contours for ease of use. It gives complete control over your gas fire from ignition, varying flame heights and extinguish.

Gazco Logic HE gas fire with Tempo frame.

Gazco Logic HE gas fire with Tempo frame.

The Logic™ HE gas fire, as well as its counterparts – the Logic™ Hotbox and Logic™ Convector, comes with a selection of frames and fronts. There is a wealth of designs available to ensure your fire fits your interior décor whether that leans more towards a traditional or a contemporary look; from the reflective surfaces of the Arts Fronts to the traditional, decorative Cast Iron style of the Holyrood or Spanish, the choice is extensive. The new Designio2 Glass and Steel frames have been designed for the 16” Logic™ HE range and are suitable for either hearth or wall mounted installations.

For further information about the extensive Gazco gas fire range, please visit the Gazco website or your local Gazco retailer who will be able to offer expert advice and assistance.

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Posted by on October 14, 2013

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