How to Light and Refuel Your Wood Burning Stove

How to Light and Refuel Your Wood Burning Stove

The colder months are well and truly upon us, and if you’re feeling a little out of practice lighting your wood burning stove, don't worry! We’ve prepared an easy guide to give you a quick warm up! Puns aside, below you’ll find a rapid start-up method useful to get your log burner going as quickly as possible and burning effectively. This guide is also great for burning logs on your multi-fuel stove.

Before you light your first fire, it’s a good time to give your wood burning stove some TLC to make sure it’s in perfect shape to heat your home. Read our quick guide here on how to get your stove ready.

  1. Choose some small Ready to Burn logs and place these in the bottom of your wood burning or multi-fuel stove. Make sure there is space between them for air to circulate.
  2. Place two more small logs across the ones below and place an eco firelighter in the middle. You should now have a criss-cross of four logs.
  3. On top of your logs, use kindling and repeat the formation to build your stack. Ideally, you want to build it about a third of the height of the stove’s firebox.
  4. Place another eco firelighter on top of your kindling stack and light it, keeping the stove door ajar to ensure enough air can get in.
  5. Once the top pieces of kindling are burning, close the stove door making sure all the stove’s air controls are open.
  6. When the full stack of kindling is burning along with the logs below, turn the stove controls to normal running mode. This setting will be different depending on your stove, but consult your instruction manual if you are in any doubt.

Refuelling your wood burning stove

Once your logs have burnt down you should have a bed of hot embers, it’s now time to place more logs on the fire. Make sure you are wearing a protective fire glove, as your stove will now be hot!

  1. Before placing your logs in the stove, it can help to spread the embers a little with a fire tool to create an even base for the newly added wood.
  2. Wearing a protective fire glove, place two medium sized logs on the embers.
  3. Close the door and make sure the air controls are open.

Once the logs have caught, set your stove to normal running mode. For a step by step demonstration, see our easy to follow How To Light Your Stove video.

Free Fire Starter Kit when you register your Stovax Stove

Should you choose a Stovax wood burning stove for your home, we have partnered with Certainly Wood, a British Woodsure firewood supplier, to send you a free Fire Starter Kit when you register your appliance for its extended 5 year warranty. Complete with kiln dried logs, kindling and firelighters, it has everything you need to get off to a roaring start! And, when you register your stove, we’ll also plant a tree! Find out more here.

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Posted by on January 19, 2021

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