How to Decorate your Fireplace for Christmas 2023

How to Decorate your Fireplace for Christmas 2023

Discover eight simple Christmas fireplace decor ideas to wow your friends and family, and make the most of your wood stove, gas fire or electric fireplace this Christmas.

We know we’re biased, but there is nothing better than a cosy night in by the fire during the festive period. Whether you have a wood burning, gas or electric fire, here are our top eight simple ways to decorate your home for Christmas and make the most of your festive fireplace.

1. Bold wall décor

Simple and effective wall décor can be an easy way to bring Christmas into the home. Here, an addition of a festive wreath above the Stovax Studio Air 1 Edge wood burning fire makes all the difference! If you have the time and budget, a refresh of the colour of curtains can also bring festivity to your room – for us, the seasonal deep green looks perfect for this time of year, but will also look chic all year round.

2. Garlands and garnishes

If you like to get crafty, why not get hold of some natural foliage and create your own garlands? High ceilings can be difficult to dress for Christmas, but a simple festive garland transforms this kitchen space and adds a little wow factor to a room that is used a lot over this period of the year. If you have an electric fire built into your kitchen island, like this luxury Onyx Avanti corner electric fire, one easy way to style this area is to mimic the natural foliage in the form of some decorative garnishes on the worktop.

3. Create a whole mood

Some of our electric fires are available with the option of a mood lighting system, which are particularly ideal for placing in shelves around a fireplace. Here, the Gazco eReflex 150RW electric fire creates a gorgeous cosy glow, complemented by mood lighting above the fire which illuminates an array of Christmas ornaments!

4. Sync your colour scheme

One very quick and easy way to bring your whole living space together is to opt for a colour scheme with your decorations. For example, with this Stovax Futura 5 wood stove, we’ve opted for a simple grey, black and teal colour scheme, with the black of the log burner echoed across decorations on the tree, and even the cushion patterns! Go one step further and choose matching wrapping paper to complete the whole look.

5. Timeless Christmas

This timeless log burner and stone mantel combination delivers traditional Christmas aesthetic in spades. Shake up the norm and complement the aesthetic with rustic brown wrapping paper for presents under the tree. This classic vibe is particularly effective if you have a wood burning stove or fire like our Stovax Chesterfield 5 log burner, continuing the natural feel throughout.

6. Seasonal Scandi Style

Talking of natural, one style that also suits this sort of theme is Scandi style. Christmas touches can feel festive even if more minimal – it’s all about simply creating the feeling of hygge like we have done here. Try a smaller tree and a couple of stockings – plus a hot chocolate ready to enjoy by the fire! If you like the look of the clean lines of the wood burner below, this is a Stovax Studio Air 2 log burner with 3-sided Profil frame.

7. Fairy lights

Who doesn’t love fairy lights at Christmas? Whether you’re the loud and proud multi-coloured lights person, or prefer a muted golden glow, fairy lights come in all sorts of sizes and options and can be an effective way to decorate a living space especially if you have a more contemporary fireplace – like this gorgeous Onyx Orbit electric hanging fire. Simple, but effective!

8. Mantel ornaments

Lastly, but certainly not least… mantel ornaments. Perhaps the most classic way to dress a fireplace, mantel ornaments or dressing a mantel are both timeless solutions for bringing Christmas into your home – just like this array of ornaments on our Sandringham mantel above the Stovax Riva2 55 log burner.

Riva2 log burner at Christmas

Where to buy a stove or fire to complete your festive fireplace

If you like any of the stoves or fires featured here, speak to your local retailer who will be able to talk to you about your fireplace options!

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