Our Hearth Warming Moments: Roundup Part Two

Our Hearth Warming Moments: Roundup Part Two

In our second installation of our Hearth Warming Moments Roundup, we meet Artist Residence's Owner, a beautiful Water Tower in Yorkshire and James' Smart House in Oxfordshire, all of which have installed one or more of our log burners.

For Part Two of our roundup, we’ve got James Barrett’s ‘Smart House’ with his Studio fire, Artist Residence – a cosy hotel in Cornwall with two stovax wood burners and the stunning revamped Water Tower

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James’ Smart House, Oxfordshire


The blend of modern and traditional was the idea for James Barrett’s innovative and highly sustainable contemporary home. On the grounds of his parent’s grade II listed Georgian estate, James saw the opportunity to build his dream home in the perfect Oxfordshire location. He chose a modern, landscape inset Studio 2 fire as the centre point of the living area, wanting not only to reflect the panoramic countryside views but also for the fire to be modern in design.

The Studio 2 wood burner acts as not only a heating solution, but also a creative feature. The architect on the build, Richard Potter from RPA Architects, says a fireplace is an incredibly important part of designing a home:

“As a practice we like to incorporate features which make a positive contribution to our clients’ experience of the buildings we create, and a well-designed fireplace can make a significant impact both visually and in terms of comfort.”

– Richard Potter, RPA Architects

Luckily, as James runs as the property development and building company Ashbrook Homes, they were able to undertake all the work themselves. They factored a wood burner into the original design after having one in an old property in the past, and now use the Studio almost every day in the Autumn and Winter.

Find out more about James’ Smart house >

Artist Residence, Cornwall


Artist Residence is a group of fun and quirky hotels, one of which is home to two Stovax wood burners. This Cornwall branch accommodates everyone from visitors and guests to locals who want to just come in for a cup of tea and cosy up to the fire on a cold day.

“Our inspiration for the Cornwall hotel was really simple really. To create something really snug. Somewhere you want to curl up and sit by the fire all day!”

– Justin Salisbury, Owner of Artist Residence and Interior Designer at Salisbury & Co. interiors.

The main Studio freestanding fire, is in a common area in the hotel, and accessible to all, whereas the other Studio 500 fire can be found in The Cottage, a luxurious space in the hotel that can be rented out for a romantic weekend or family getaway. It has a ‘cottagey’ feel and has just finished being renovated after two months of work.

Have a closer look at Artist Residence >

Caraol and Majid’s Water Tower, Yorkshire


After a battle at auction, Carol and Majid Nadry bought a derelict 46ft water tower with the goal of making it into their dream family home. There is probably no greater location for a wood burning stove than in the middle of a dense forest – and after having to fell quite a few trees for the project, the couple chose a Nordpeis Quadro 2T for their open plan living area to make use of the extra fuel.

The project took three years, partly due to a battle to get access with the local council, but with experience renovating business premises and properties, the couple felt ready for the challenge.

“There were a few bumps along the way, but once the build was finished, we’ve ended up with a really spectacular house.”

– Carol Nadry, Homeowner

The grand design-style layout nods its industrial beginnings with double height ceilings and exposed metal, so they needed a tall stove that doubled as a design feature that worked with the space. The finished project is spectacular, and it’s no wonder Channel 4 followed the build from start to finish. You can watch Carol and Majid’s story on George Clarkes Restoration Man Revisited.

Read the interview with Carol>

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