Greater Control for Gazco Logic HE Log-effect Gas Fires

Greater Control for Gazco Logic HE Log-effect Gas Fires

Our 16” Logic HE remote control gas fires now feature an all-new remote control system – making them even easier to use. Thanks to their innovative design, these gas fires can now be ignited from the comfort of your sofa, without having to manually turn on the pilot light first.

Our stunning Logic HE Log-effect Inset gas fires have been designed to create the ambience of a real wood fire with all the convenience of gas.

Hand detailed ceramic logs are composed around an innovative burner with multiple ports for create stunning flame visuals. Completing the look, embers glow beneath the flames made up of ember wool and ceramic media.

The Logic HE gas fire range offers superb heating efficiencies thanks to their glass fronted design. Drawing cool air into the bottom of the convection chamber below the display, they heat this air as it passes over the hot surfaces of the firebox before being emitted back into the room. Maximum heat is radiated back into the room through the glass.

Created to easily install into a the standard ‘Builder’s Opening’ fireplace, found in the majority of British and Irish homes, the 16″ conventional flue Logic HE Log-effect is a great option if you’re looking to add a gas fire to your existing chimney breast with minimal installation work.

Alternatively, our advanced balanced flue version of this 16” gas fire can be installed without a chimney, requiring only a specially designed twin-wall pipe and terminal to vent directly through an outside wall.

These elegant gas fires are available with a host of traditional and contemporary styling options. Choose from a huge range of front and frame options, which can be mixed and matched to create different combinations. Each is available in a range of finishes, use our Mix & Match Inset Gas Fire Builder to help you achieve the look you desire.

Alternatively, opt for one of our range of modern and traditional complete fronts, with a variety of aesthetics including sleek ultra-contemporary styles such as the Beat, modern inset stove fronts like the Vogue Inset or traditional styles like the Stockton Inset.

See it burning

The Gazco Logic HE Log-effect gas fire’s ambient flame visuals need to be seen to be appreciated. To experience these fires in person, visit your local retailer.

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