The Gazco Riva2 600HL – Elegantly Traditional… or Stylishly Modern

The Gazco Riva2 600HL – Elegantly Traditional… or Stylishly Modern

A stunning inset gas fire with plenty of styling potential, the Gazco RIva2 600HL can be customised to suit classical or contemporary settings.

Demonstrating the very latest in gas fire technology, the Riva2 600HL grants you beautiful flame visuals, high efficiency heating and versatile styling options. Tall flames dance among a realistic log bed for a truly natural looking fire, with non-reflective glass ensuring a crystal-clear view.

Fantastically versatile, the Riva2 600HL’s convenient proportions make this conventionally flued gas fire equally well-suited to modern or traditional interiors – fitting perfectly into 22” chimney openings.

Classical Looks

Looking for a magnificent centrepiece to complete your period home? Dress the Riva2 600HL up in one of our six high quality stone mantels and optional hearths. Offered in either Limestone or Antique White marble, each is truly unique by virtue of the naturally occurring veining. A matching stone slip set ensures the perfect fit.

Sleek and Minimalist

For a strikingly minimalist installation, select the Riva2 600HL as an Edge fire. Designed to allow plastering right up to the fire’s edge, you can create a perfectly integrated fireplace for a bespoke aesthetic.

Fantastic Frames

Tailor your gas fire to your home with the Riva2 600HL’s host of framing options. Choose from the sleek Black Glass Icon XS, the sweeping steel Verve XS, or the multi-layered glass and steel Evoke XS in a choice of colours.

Choose your backdrop

The Riva2 600HL’s host of lining options lets you dramatically transform your fire’s look. Select a lining to complement or contrast with your surround. Options include the depth-enhancing EchoFlame Black-Glass, which reflects the flame visuals on three sides with its polished surfaces. Alternatively, opt for the Ledgestone-effect or Brick-effect linings for a natural feel.

Complete Control

This state-of-the-art inset gas fire comes complete with a Programmable Thermostatic Remote control. Letting you Ignite the Riva2 600HL from the comfort of your sofa, this advanced handset also lets you program the fire to suit your lifestyle.

To see the Riva2 600HL burning, visit your expert local retailer.


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Posted by on March 7, 2019

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