Five Ecodesign Wood Burning Stoves and Fires to Consider this Autumn

Five Ecodesign Wood Burning Stoves and Fires to Consider this Autumn

As the temperature drops and Autumn sets in, many people are opting to add a low-emission Ecodesign wood burning stove to their home. Here are five different designs to suit modern or traditional tastes, and anything in between.

Stovax Chesterfield wood burning and multi-fuel stoves

The timeless Stovax Chesterfield is the latest traditional stove range to join our huge collection of Ecodesign wood burning and multi-fuel stoves. Engineered with high-efficiency combustion systems, our showroom exclusive Chesterfield convector stoves provide a 5kW heat output and are offered in two sizes to suit your living space. Alongside the standard Chesterfield 5, the Chesterfield 5 Wide multi-fuel offers a slimline option with an expansive door window for impressive visuals. For a live demonstration of the Chesterfield range, visit your local Stovax retailer.

Dovre Rock wood burning stove range

Dovre’s Rock wood burning stoves, with their clean lines and smooth curves, are sure to appeal to those with contemporary tastes. Offered in the 7kW Rock 350 and the larger 9kW Rock 500, these Ecodesign stoves are designed for larger living spaces. Both models come in a range of options, with tablet and wood box base mounts, as well as a choice of Matt Black, Pure White enamel and Grey enamel finishes. Call your local Dovre retailer to arrange to see these stylish stoves in person.

Varde Bornholm wood burning stove

Coupling Scandi style with high-performance combustion systems, the Varde Bornholm is a tall and impressive Ecodesign wood burning stove with plenty of character. Large windows located on the side and front of the stove provide a panoramic view of the soaring flame visuals. Other features include a useful ash draw for easy cleaning, as well as a convenient storage space for wood and accessories in the stove’s base. To find your local Varde Expert Retailer, click here.

Nordpeis Quadro Wood burning stove range

Nordpeis’ remarkable Quadro Ecodesign wood burning stoves incorporate dual aspect windows for a superb view of the flames. Ideal for corner installations, these 6kW stoves come in a host of different versions with pedestal and box base options, as well as top sections, letting you tailor your stove to your living room. These high-efficiency stoves are also available in a stunning Odense concrete surround as the S-31A, which also features a handy log store for easy refueling. Contact your local Nordpeis retailer to see these stoves burning.

Lotus Living wood burning freestanding fires

Offering a contemporary take on the wood burning stove, the Lotus Liva freestanding Ecodesign fire range grants stunning landscape flame visuals. A double-layered glass door provides additional insulation for optimal burning conditions and contrasts with the metal exterior which can be selected in Alpine White or Phantom Grey. Lotus Living freestanding fires can be mounted on the range’s Base or Cube benches as well as our Stovax stove bench range.  Lotus products can be viewed in person at your local retailer’s showroom.

The largest range of Ecodesign Ready stoves and fires in the UK and Ireland

Here at Stovax, we are proud to offer the largest range of Ecodesign Ready stoves and fires in the UK and Ireland. Each one provides high-efficiency heating and has been independently verified to meet or exceed Ecodesign air quality targets. To see our full range of Ecodesign wood burning and multi-fuel stoves and fires, click here.

5 responses to “Five Ecodesign Wood Burning Stoves and Fires to Consider this Autumn”

  1. Chris Chambers says:

    Is the Rock 500 DEFRA approved.

  2. Gareth Jones says:

    Can I use compressed eco heat logs on Rock 500?They have moisture content of less than 6%?

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hello, I’m not sure of the brand on your heat logs you’re using, but 6% sounds too low. Typically wood seasoned for 2 years and kiln dried wood contains around 20% moisture, which is the right amount for a high-efficiency burn but also will not burn uncontrollably. These stoves are designed for burning natural wood; sawn and chopped wood that is sufficiently seasoned. Seasoned or kiln dried hardwood, such as oak, beech, birch and fruit tree wood is the ideal fuel for your stove. This type of wood burns slowly with calm flames.


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