Elegant & Effortless. Introducing the Gazco Chesterfield 5 Electric Stove

Elegant & Effortless. Introducing the Gazco Chesterfield 5 Electric Stove

Elegantly styled, yet decidedly sophisticated, the Chesterfield 5 Electric stove offers the perfect balance of designer looks and traditional aesthetics.

For unparalleled authenticity, the Chesterfield 5 Electric Stove is made with the same cast iron and heavy-gauge steel construction used in our woodburning and gas versions. Inside, immersive realistic flame and ember visuals complete the experience.

Complete immersion

Our Chromalight technology projects flame visuals to appear between the highly realistic log effects, whilst illuminating them from above and below. A life-like bed of ember media glows and darkens beneath the log effects, with a palette of vibrant colour settings to suit your mood.

Customise your visuals

The Chesterfield 5 Electric Stove features a fully customisable fuel bed, letting you switch up the display whenever you fancy a change. Highly realistic logs, a bed of grey and clear pebbles, and Crystal-ice fuel effects give you a variety of options with each transforming this electric stove’s look.

For a traditional fireside ambience, opt for the logs and pebbles for the look of burning wood on embers. Or something eye-catchingly different the Crystal-Ice effect combined with the Chesterfield 5 Electric Stove’s vivid lighting effects will make a statement in any interior.

Effortless ambience

This innovative electric stove’s mesmerising visuals and thermostatic heat are all controlled with the powerful Eco handset – putting everything at your fingertips.

Heat can be toggled on or off, letting you enjoy the visuals all year round. Daily and weekly scheduling lets you program this electric stove to suit your lifestyle.

An array of handy features such as Open Window Detection, Adaptive Start and Comfort modes are on hand to help reduce energy consumption.

Also available in Wood burning, Multi-fuel & Gas

The iconic Chesterfield 5 was originally a wood burning or multi-fuel stove. Now, in addition to the electric stove version, it is also available as a stunning gas stove. So whichever fuel type suits your lifestyle, this iconic stove will become the heart of your home.

Exclusively from Gazco retailer’s showrooms

The Chesterfield 5 Electric Stove is only available from Gazco retailer’s showrooms. Contact your local retailer to see this designer electric stove in person.

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