Electric Fires at the Forefront of Innovation

Electric Fires at the Forefront of Innovation

Our Gazco eReflex electric fire range features advanced visual effect technologies and a variety of fuel bed options to create an immersive and realistic display. Read on to find out more.

Mesmerising flame effects

Inside each eReflex fire is our powerful three-part Chromalight Immersive LED system. Flame effects are projected on to a backdrop that gives them a three-dimensional look to enhance the depth of the picture and can be set to a natural amber or contemporary blue. Whichever flame colour you choose, overhead lighting bathes the fuel bed in a matching glow for a mesmerising view. Beneath the eReflex’s fuel bed, an array of LEDs shine through clear parts of the fuel effects, creating the allusion of a glowing ember bed. Fuel bed up-lighting can also be set to amber for a realistic display, or to one of the 12 other vivid colours depending on your mood.

Interchangeable fuel effects

The eReflex range is designed to offer a versatile electric fire you can change up to suit your mood. Along with the gamut of lighting and flame effects mentioned above, eReflex electric fires come with a selection of fuel effects that let you switch up your fire whenever the mood takes you. Choose from highly realistic logs, clear and grey pebbles, and Crystal-ice media, or combine to create your own display.

Diverse installation options to suit different requirements

Everyone’s home is different and to make sure the eReflex range could meet a host of different requirements, these fires are available in a variety of formats.

eReflex Inset electric fires allow you to create a built-in, hole-in-the-wall electric fire for a stylishly minimalist electric fireplace. Offered in landscape and portrait formats, in different sizes, these electric fires look just as good installed as part of a media wall as they do when paired with a stone mantel.

eReflex Outset electric fires take the visuals to another level thanks to their multi-sided display, which grants views of the fuel-effects and flame picture from the front and sides. These versatile fires can be installed either centrally or in the corner of your living space to suit your room layout.

For easy installation, eReflex Outset electric fires can also be installed with our elegant Trento range of floating fire shelves. Designed to hang on the wall, the Trento range lets you position the fire in a variety different ways, with decorative side columns to enhance the look.

Complete convenience

All of the eReflex’s features and heating functions are controlled with range’s Programmable Thermostatic Eco handset. Adjust the flame colours, fuel bed lighting colours, and brightness levels to create the perfect ambience you need to relax after a long day. The electric fire’s thermostatically controlled heating can also be adjusted and set to turn on in advance if required, as well scheduled by weekday if needed. Clever energy-saving features are also included, such as Open-window detection, which turns off the heat if there is a sudden drop in temperature caused by a door or window being left open.

Where to buy an eReflex electric fire

The best place to buy an eReflex electric fire is your local Gazco retailer. Not only can they take you through all the fire’s features and demonstrate the stunning visuals in person, they will also be able to assist you in the installation.

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