Top tips for choosing the right stove or fire for your home!

Top tips for choosing the right stove or fire for your home!

As the UK's leading stove manufacturer, here's our expert advice for choosing the right stove or fire for your home

Choosing a Stove or Fire

When it comes to choosing the right stove or fire for your home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the technical side of things! Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are our top tips to finding the right log burner or fireplace for you, so you can feel secure in your choice of appliance.


Picking the right fuel type

For many of us, the first fuel that jumps to mind when thinking of stoves and fires is wood. It’s traditional, natural, and sustainable! Burning well-seasoned wood is a fantastic option for heating your home, and some consider the radiant warmth it provides an unparalleled comfort. For added flexibility, you can also choose a multifuel stove or fire and make use of both wood and smokeless mineral fuels.

Nevertheless, solid fuels simply aren’t going to be best for everyone. With other outstanding fuel types available, it’s always best to explore your options!

For starters, some of us just love the convenience of controlling flames from comfort with a remote control! If, after a long day’s work, you want to put your feet up and get the heat going hassle-free, it’s worth thinking about gas stoves and electric fires. Many of Gazco’s gas and electric products even come with thermostatic control and timer settings, so you can get the exact temperature desired, exactly when you want it.

Many gas fires can be installed with a variety of adaptable flue options, from balanced flue stoves that vent horizontally through an outside wall, to those with linerless flue kits that drastically reduce installation costs. Moreover, electric fires have the enormous bonus of not requiring a chimney at all! With so many reasons to go gas or electric, and astounding options like this Onyx Avanti 190RW available, we suggest speaking to your expert local retailer to understand all of the potential benefits!


Consider the space you need to heat

When it comes to choosing a log burner or fireplace, it’s essential that you consider the size of the room or space you want heating. If you have a small snug, houseboat, or galley kitchen, you don’t want to go overboard! Sometimes a smaller stove is just what you need. That said, you needn’t settle for a smaller flame picture. If you love the large viewing screen of a County 8, but its high heat output would leave you sweltering more than sleepy, Stovax has just the answer! Many of our traditional and contemporary stove and fire ranges offer wide or slimline models, which maximise flame visuals while keeping the room temperate and comfortable. Swap the County 8 for a County 5 Wide to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Of course, larger rooms and open plan spaces will demand larger appliances with a higher heat output – have you thought about a Stockton 11 as a one or two door model? With a whopping heat output of 11.3kW, it’s sure to keep the most expansive of living rooms toasty!



Consider local restrictions before buying

A final point to bear in mind when choosing the right log burner for your home is whether there are local restrictions that impact your decision. For example, all wood burning stoves and fires in the UK and the EU must pass stringent Ecodesign standards. Thankfully, here at Stovax we offer the UK’s largest range of Ecodesign exceeding log burners!

Another common regulation is that which applies to DEFRA Smoke-Control Areas. Under these circumstances, you will need to opt for a log burner that is exempt from these smoke-control restrictions, such as the stylish Riva2 55 Inset Log Burner. With so many DEFRA exempt products in the Stovax Heating Group’s portfolio, it can be difficult to go wrong! Nevertheless, it’s essential to talk to your expert local retailer to ensure your new stove or fire installation complies with all the regulations it needs to.


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  1. Iain Chambers says:

    Looking for an installer who can supply a Stovax Vogue medium wood burner and supply and fit an external flu as we don’t have a chimney. And alternative would be the Portway Arundel XL.
    All before Christmas!

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