Choosing A Gas Stove?

Choosing A Gas Stove?

Perhaps you have seen various gas stoves or fires, but you aren't sold on what exactly they can offer you or your home during those chilly months? Well, we have broken down the benefits to owning one of Gazco's gas stoves. Read more to find out why you should consider gas today.


Just because you have decided to choose a gas stove doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or authenticity. Gazco has taken a variety of designs into consideration for the consumer, allowing them to feel as though they are in possession of a real wood burner, this also includes gas versions of particularly popular wood burning and solid-fuel models such as the Sheraton 5.

This gas model doesn’t compromise on structural integrity as this version shares the same cast iron bevelling and cornicing to the door, top plate and base, and simple styling, the only difference being the ability to control your stove and heat by remote control.


Many homes in the UK are connected to mains supplies of Natural Gas. However, if you’re not connected there’s no problem, all Gazco Gas Stoves can be used with LPG. Whether you use mains gas or LPG, gas means economical heating at any time, directly where you want it.

You can often install a gas stove into a pre-existing chimney and you just need to identify the type of chimney your home has. Your local Gazco Retailer can advise you on which models will be the most suitable for your pre-existing chimney, or if you don’t have a chimney, many Gazco gas stove are available in a balanced flue version.

Gas stoves have been manufactured to fit in with the modern, fast-paced lifestyle with most gas stoves featuring a fully-sequential thermostatic control system, which allows you to ignite your gas stove in a matter of seconds, along with the ability to fully master and adjust flame height with the touch of a button.


Many of Gazco’s gas models are glass-fronted, which reduces draughts and improves efficiency. With certain balanced flue models offering efficiencies over 80%, your gas stove will be a warm addition to the home!

With a wide variety of traditional and contemporary gas stoves to choose from, you can be sure to find one that will suit all your interior design aspirations.

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