Steel Stoves

Steel Stoves

Combining cast iron for the airtight doors and main firebox components with heavy gauge steel for the body, the Stockton, Riva Plus and View stoves benefit from both materials, with enhanced performance and combustion control as well as value for money. Stovax’s triple air systems also provide powerful and swift control over the heat output as well as outstanding views of the flames.

Vogue Stoves

Vogue stoves
Combining the very latest firebox engineering with elegant, modern-traditional styling, the Ecodesign Ready Vogue range represents the next generation of stove design. With a choice of sizes and Slimline options with hearth, Plinth, Midline, wall mounted and Highline options, these versatile stoves bring a stunning focal point to any interior.

View the full Vogue range here

Vision Stoves

Vision stoves
With their sleek black glass finish, Ecodesign Ready Vision stoves are at the forefront of contemporary style. Available in various sizes of wood burning and multi-fuel models, these stoves are equally at home freestanding on a hearth, mounted on a stove bench or wall hung.

View the whole Vision range here

Sheraton Stoves

Sheraton stoves
The Ecodesign Ready Sheraton range’s classic but sophisticated aesthetics are designed to grace period or modern interiors alike. Visuals are prioritised by the vast stove window that grants superb views of the fire, and next generation, low emission combustion systems make these convector stoves perfect for town or country living.

View the whole Sheraton range here

Stockton Stoves

Riva Plus Stoves

With a range of sizes and colour options as well as a choice of door styles and canopies, there is a Stockton stove to suit any home. Furthermore, there are inset versions, double sided versions and even boiler versions, so whether traditional or modern, large or small, in country or town, burning wood or solid fuel you should find a Stockton to match your setting.

View the full Stockton range here.

Riva Plus Stoves

Riva Plus Stoves

The versatile Riva Plus range includes two sizes to suit your requirements. These stylish stoves also benefit from a boost setting for lighting and refuelling as well as other innovative design and performance features.

View the full Riva Plus range here.

View Stoves

Riva Plus Stoves

Available in a choice of three freestanding sizes and an inset version, the View offers high efficiency heating in ultimate style – perfect for more contemporary homes! You can even achieve whole house heating if you opt for the View 7 Inset or View 8 High Output boiler versions, with the capability of supplying up to nine radiators as well as providing a cosy warmth to the room in which they are situated.

View the full View range here.

Steel Stoves Key Features

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