Riva Plus Stove Design Features

Riva Plus Stove Design Features

The Riva Plus range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves has a number of design features including a choice of sizes and a low or high canopy option.

Riva Plus Key Facts

  1. Heavy duty steel body.
  2. Airtight cast iron door.
  3. Stainless steel baffle.
  4. Heated air jets from cleanburn ports burn hydrocarbons in smoke.
  5. Single lever for control of cleanburn combustion and airwash system.
  6. Firebrick lining.
  7. Top or rear flue exit connecting stove to flue pipe.
  8. Removable tool to operate door handle.
  9. Removable ‘window crosses’ for clear window.
  10. Integrated Warm Air Convection System, with Fan assisted option available.
  11. Optional external air facility for draught reduction.
  12. Optional Smoke Control Kit available on most models (not illustrated).
  13. Low and high canopy options (not illustrated).

Our range of Riva Plus Stoves

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