Wood Burning Stoves in an Urban Area

Wood Burning Stoves in an Urban Area

Today, it is easier than ever to make the most of the many advantages of a wood burning stove even if you live in a Smoke Control Area.

Installing a multi-fuel or wood burning stove into your home can give you a number of benefits. Not only can it add value to your house, but a multi-fuel or wood burning stove will also provide warmth, ambience and character from which all the family will benefit.

Today, it is easier to make the most of these advantages even if you live in a Smoke Control Area where it is disallowed to emit smoke via your chimney that has originated from a stove or fire.

Stovax has one of the UK’s largest selections of solid fuel appliances that are exempt from the Smoke Control Area regulations enabling homeowners in urban areas to use a stove that burns wood or a selection of solid fuels. Burning wood logs gives you the added benefit of virtually carbon neutral heating whilst also providing you with that atmosphere that only a real fire can create.

The Stockton 7 Inset can be used in Smoke Control Areas and offers a quicker and more straight forward installation option for many home-owners.

For a limited time only, it is also possible to benefit from a free optional Smoke Control Kit with any new purchase of a selected Stockton stove from one of our network of experienced retailers.

These Smoke Control Kits can be fitted to compatible stoves to create the optimum conditions for burning that will meet the standards required for appliances in urban areas and allow the use of wood logs.

The much loved ‘modern-traditional’ range of Stockton wood burning stoves is one of our most enduring designs and offers a selection of finishes, shapes and installations to suit your home. Find out more about this fantastic wood burning promotion or visit your local retailer who will also be able to take you through the options available and provide expert advice tailored to you and your home.

Don’t delay as the offer is limited and available until 28th June or while stocks last.

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