Wood burning stove accessories to consider

Wood burning stove accessories to consider

Whether you are looking for a log holder or cleaning products for your wood burning stove, we offer a wide range of top quality log burner accessories. For more information about our range of wood burning stove accessories, visit your local retailer.

1. Stovax Heat Resistant Leather Gloves

When operating your wood burning stove, our Stovax Heat resistant leather gloves are the perfect accessory for loading logs into your wood burning stove; opening hot door handles and general use around hot appliances. This one size fits all glove is also available in an extra long version.

2. Stovax Ash Caddies

For storing hot ashes and embers before disposal, our Stovax Ash caddy is the perfect wood burning stove accessory. You tip the hot ash in, close the lid and return the ashpan, allowing hot ash to cool down.

This wood burning stove accessory has three handles: one for carrying when full and the other two for easy emptying.

3. Stovax Motorised Ashclean

The Stovax Motorised Ashclean Vacuum is perfect for deep cleaning your stove. From splinters coming off kindling, coal dust or even ash produced, this log burner accessory has a capacity cylinder of 18 litres and requires no collection bag. Dust and debris collected overtime can be cleaned using the vacuum’s filter system which may damage a usual hoover and vacuum cleaner.

4. Stove Glass Cleaner

If you use your wood burning stove regularly during the winter months, the glass can often blacken so you may wish to clean it. Stovax has two types of glass cleaners. It is important to use the right glass cleaner for your wood burning stove. Wood burning stoves with printed glass will need a less aggressive cleaning agent such as the Stovax Glass Cleaner Spray. Alternatively, if you have a heavily stained appliance, the Stovax Glass Cleaner Wipe On is the perfect solution. However, due to the abrasive nature of this glass cleaner, it must only be used for stoves with a clear glass door.

Please visit our how to clean your wood burning stove door glass information page.

5. Stovax Log holders

Stovax offers both traditional and contemporary log holders to suit the design of your home. Made from strong steel, our range of freestanding storage log store holders is the perfect fireside companion for your wood burning stove. If you would prefer a more contemporary look, our crescent shaped log holders not only provides a decorative screen for your fireplace when not in use but it also stores the wood conveniently next to your wood burner.

Download our latest Stovax Accessories brochure or visit your local retailer for more information.

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