Wood burning boiler stoves are cost effective and eco-friendly

Wood burning boiler stoves are cost effective and eco-friendly

Did you know that logs are the cheapest form of heating energy?

Did you know that according to the Solid Fuel Technology Institute, logs are the cheapest form of heating energy? The cost per kW of useful energy obtained from wood burning is now around 4p. This compares to 5p for anthracite, 7p for natural gas, 7.5p for oil, 9p for LPG and 12p for electricity.

Furthermore, by installing a wood burning Stovax boiler stove you can not only heat the room in which the stove is placed but you can also supply your domestic hot water and central heating requirements. For example, the Stovax Stockton 11HB boiler stove can provide up to 7.0kW of heat to a room and up to 11.0kW of heat to a boiler. This means it is capable of feeding up to 15 standard sized (2500BTU) radiators.

Alternatively, you can augment your existing central heating system, and reduce your reliance on gas or oil, by using ‘link up’ technology. A ‘Link Up’ system allows hot water produced by the stove to replace that produced by a gas or oil boiler, whilst the stove is lit. When you eventually let the stove go out, the gas or oil-fired boiler can take over again.

To find out exactly how a Stovax boiler stove and Link Up could help provide you with cost effective, eco-friendly heating, all you need to do is contact your local Stovax retailer or a qualified heating engineer.

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  1. John says:

    I have a Stockton 14 wood burner which heats my hot water and heats 16 radiators, hot at the top , warm at the bottom. A gravity system that has an oil fired boiler with pump to kick in when its really cold. Also have thermal and pv panels on the roof. The Stovax Stockton is a fine efficient burner. Splendid actually.

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