Riva 50 Multi-Fuel Fire Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Riva Fire Range Extended

Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Riva Fire Range Extended

Stovax welcomes the Riva 45 and Riva 50 multi-fuel fires to its Riva inset range.

Stovax has increased its range of wood burning and multi-fuel Riva inset fires to include two new sizes; the Riva 45 multi-fuel inset and the Riva 50 multi-fuel inset.

The Riva 45 multi-fuel fire is slightly taller in stature but has the same clean and contemporary look as the Riva 40 multi-fuel fire. Boasting up to 5kW, this multi-fuel fire can be fitted into a 36” high fireplace opening.

For those home owners with a 22” high and wide fireplace opening, the Riva 50 multi-fuel fire is a highly efficient new edition to the Riva fire range. With an impressive heat output of 7.0 kW, this multi-fuel fire gives a wonderful view of the radiant and dancing flames.

As with the existing Riva fire models, the Riva 45 multi-fuel fire & the Riva 50 multi-fuel fire can both be installed with relative ease as a hearth mounted fire with a 3 sided, standard Profil frame, or with a 4 sided, standard Profil frame to create a ‘hole in the wall’ fire look.

Both new multi-fuel inset models have a choice of Storm or Jet Black Metallic finishes which comes as a standard on all our Riva wood burning and multi-fuel fires. These multi-fuel and wood burning models can also be complemented with one of our striking coloured frame options.

Visit our Stovax website for further technical details.

10 responses to “Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Riva Fire Range Extended”

  1. Connie Higgins says:

    I have a rival 50 stove and doesn’t give out much heat. I always leave door closed. Can I leave it open when good fire?

    • Darcy Hyland says:

      Good Morning Connie,
      Thank you for taking the time to send us a message.

      Unfortunately, the Riva 50 is not permitted to burn with door open. There could be a few reasons as to why you are not getting the required heat into your room:

      · Flue performance ( drawing to strong ) Pascal rate needs to be checked
      · Door seals have perished
      · Door alignment
      · Size of room

      I hope this helps.

  2. Luke brehony says:

    Is the Riva range Ecodesign rated?
    Or should I go for Elise????

    • Dan says:

      Good Morning Luke,
      thank you for taking the time to send us a message. I’m afraid that the Riva range is not Ecodesign ready, but if you are looking for more information about which ranges are Ecodesign Ready, then head on over to https://www.stovax.com/ecodesignready/ for more information about our ranges.

      Kind Regards,

  3. Colin Hamilton says:

    Our storax riva vixen is not drawing thru enough
    is it ok to take one of the baffles out to increase
    air flow

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Colin, thanks for your comment. If this is a new issue you’re experiencing that’s come about all of a sudden, we’d recommend having your chimney swept to ensure it’s free from blockages. We wouldn’t normally recommend removing the baffles in any case, so if that doesn’t solve the issue it’s be best to have a heating engineer take a look at your installation to troubleshoot.
      Best wishes, Chris

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