Wood pile Why Use a Wood Burner?

Why Use a Wood Burner?

Stovax have a large range of wood burning stoves and wood burning fires, catering to all decorative styles and tastes. But, why is burning wood so popular right now?

The following are 6 good reasons why wood burning and wood burners are a great idea and have become the appliance of choice for many people.

1. Wood burning is cheaper and more cost effective than other fuels
2. Wood burning is effectively carbon neutral and environmentally friendly
3. Wood burning creates a great back up. If your other energy supplies are cut, you can still heat your home with a wood burner
4. If you collect and store wood, wood burning can be free and very good exercise!
5. Fossil fuels are running out fast but wood burning is renewable so as long as we plant more than we burn, we will never run out
6. There is nothing like the warm, cosy atmosphere created by a real flame from a wood burning stove or wood burning fire.

These are just some of the benefits of using a wood burning fire or wood burning stove. Take a look at the Stovax range of wood burning stoves and wood burning fires or, for more information, get in touch with your local Stovax retailer.

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