What to look for in a Gas Fire or Stove

What to look for in a Gas Fire or Stove

When looking for your perfect gas fire or stove there are a few things to consider depending on your needs and your home. Here we cover the important things to check for when beginning to look for a new gas stove or fire.

So, you’ve decided gas is the future for your home heating needs and are now ready to start looking for the gas stove or fire of your dreams. Read on below to find out the kind of things you should pay attention to during your decision making.


The first thing most people decide on when choosing a gas fire or stove is of course which style to go for. Gazco offer traditional gas stoves such as the Sheraton 5 gas which features the same cast iron body desired from a real log burner, as well as more contemporary freestanding gas fires such as the bold Studio 2 Freestanding gas fires.

Or perhaps you’re looking for a built-in gas fire for your next designer centrepiece such as the awe-inspiring Reflex 105 Multi-Sided, magnificent Riva 2 750HL Icon XS, or the eccentric Studio 2 Duplex Double-Sided gas fire. Many of these gas fires can even be tailored to your design if required with a choice of realistic fuel beds, linings or frames, depending on the model and range.

Conventional or Balanced flue

Style isn’t the only thing to take into consideration when buying a gas fire or stove. Another important factor is which type of flue type you require for your installation. This will often depend on whether you already have a chimney or existing flue in your home and what type it is. Depending on the model, most Gazco gas fires and stoves are suitable for use with either a Conventional flue or a Balanced flue, or in some cases either.

If you’re planning on replacing an existing gas stove or fire, it’s worth checking this to ensure your intended upgrade is compatible with your existing flue. Your local retailer will be able to advise you on the most suitable models for your home and flue type.

Natural gas or LPG

Do you have mains gas where you live or do you require LPG compatibility? Many Gazco gas stoves or fires are available in LPG compatible versions so they can be operated from bottled gas in areas where this is little or no mains gas supply.


It’s important to make sure any new heating appliance is as efficient as it can be, and a gas stove or fire is no different. Most of Gazco’s models feature a glass-front to reduce draughts and make them as efficient as possible, such as the stunning Gazco Reflex 75T Evoke Steel. These designer gas fires feature Gazco’s non-reflective glass front for crystal clear views of the flames, and can be tailored with a choice of linings.

With all of the above to take into consideration, be sure to enlist the expert help and guidance of your local retailer when choosing your next gas fire or stove. They can help you find the perfect stove or fire for your needs. Find your nearest local retailer here.

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