Top Five Reasons to Consider a Stovax Vogue Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stove

Top Five Reasons to Consider a Stovax Vogue Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stove

Vogue wood burning and multi-fuel stoves are designed around three core principles: magnificent flame visuals, ultra-clean burning that is suitable for towns and cities, and easy to use controls.

Combining timeless design with the very latest combustion technology, the Stovax Vogue wood burning and multi-fuel range presents the modern answer to heating your home with wood.

1.) Superb flame visuals

Designed around an expansive viewing window, Vogue wood burning and multi-fuel stoves offer striking, uninterrupted flame visuals thanks to the powerful Airwash system that blasts air down the inside of the glass panel to keep it clean.

Vogue Midi T wood burning and multi-fuel stove

Vogue Midi T wood burning and multi-fuel stove

2.) Ultra-clean burning

An advanced triple airflow system feeds the flames to ensure the fuel burns cleanly and efficiently, getting the most out of each log and minimising smoke emissions. Approved for smoke control areas in towns and cities, Vogue stoves are also Ecodesign compliant, meaning they meet tough, air quality standards of the future.

3.) Easy to use

Flames and heat are easily adjustable thanks to the single air control on the front of the stove, allowing you to easily increase or decrease the heat output. Simply push or pull the air control to select the stove’s heat settings.

4.) Styling options

The Vogue stove range offers a variety of styling options whether you choose small, Midi or Medium sizes or even portrait T models. Each stove can be mounted on a matching plinth base to provide additional height.

Alternatively, the optional Midline log store elevates the stove making it easier to see. This matching stand also provides a stylish and convenient place to store logs. For a completely different but equally contemporary look, Vogue stoves can also be mounted on one of our many Stove Benches.

5.) Versatile installation options

Designed with installation versatility in mind, Vogue stoves can be installed with a top or rear flue and can be fitted into either an existing fireplace or with our tried and tested Professional XQ flue system if your home does not have a chimney.
To minimise internal draughts, which happen when any fire or stove draws its combustion air from the surrounding room, Vogue models can be installed with an external air supply. This ensures that combustion air comes from the outside your home for a completely sealed appliance that potentially negates the need for an additional air vent.

To experience the stunning flames and eye-catching aesthetics of the Vogue wood burning and multi-fuel stove range, visit your local showroom.

9 responses to “Top Five Reasons to Consider a Stovax Vogue Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stove”

  1. John gibson says:

    I am thinking of getting one installed in my bungalow can I get any advice or pricing ect

  2. Kayemcee says:

    Do you do a small free standing wood burner to DEFRA standard or better in cream or ivory or similar? My fitter has recommended your site but I can’t find one that fits the bill. Thanks

  3. Tom says:

    Hi, I have an internal heat recovery ventilation system in my home.

    Does the external air system in the vogue models ensure no air is taken by the stove within room itself?

    Also is the Midi T Highline the same as the other Vogue stoves with just a higher base or does it have separate features ?

    Thanking you


    • Camille says:

      Solid fuel stoves still take a percentage of air from the room, even with an external air kit fitted.
      This means that recovery ventilation systems can still effect the flue draw, especially during refuelling.
      Hetas allow a percentage of air to be taken from the room with an external air kit fitted to allow solid fuel stoves to be permissible for installation in passive homes.

      For more information, speak to your local retailer.

  4. Lisa Cronin says:

    What is the real difference between the Vogue Midi T & the Vision Midi T muti-fuel models?

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Lisa, thanks for your message. I’d recommend checking them both out in person at your local retailer and choosing the one you prefer as they both offer something different in terms of design and looks. Alternatively you can see them both via the product area of our website here.
      Best wishes, Chris

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