Top 5 Gazco Electric Fires and Stoves

Top 5 Gazco Electric Fires and Stoves

Looking for a stylish flame effect, instant heat or need an alternative to a log or gas fire? Gazco’s range of innovative ChromaLight electric fire and stove ranges will create ambiance wherever you want it – needing only a three-pin plug socket. Each comes with a powerful Eco handset for easy remote control letting you instantly achieve a relaxing, warming atmosphere and focal point from the comfort of your sofa. Read on to find your perfect electric fire.

Skope Outset Multi-sided Electric Fires

Designed to create an incredible, bespoke feature in your home, the Gazco Skope Outset multi-sided electric fires come in various sizes to suit all rooms. Each model can be installed as either a three-sided or two-sided electric fire. Thanks to their versatile design, they can be finished in various materials, from wood surrounds to tiles for the perfect centrepiece. Alternatively, our Trento Suites offer an easy wall hung solution. For more information, click here.

Skope 75R and 55R Inset Edge Electric Fires

Looking for a traditional fireplace but with all the ease of electric? Look no further than the Skope 75R or  Skope 55R Insets. These advanced electric fires can be combined with one of Gazco’s beautiful stone mantels to create a magnificent fireplace. Featuring a strikingly authentic looking log fuel bed, supplemented with ChromaLight LED flame-effects and ember bed up-lighting, the Skope 75R provides the look of a real log fire without needing a chimney or flue system.  See the full range here.

Radiance Wall Mounted Electric Fires 

These stunning electric fires offer one of the easiest installations, and literally hang on the wall. Choose from either Steel or Glass frames to enhance the look of this designer fire. A choice of fuel effects let you opt for white stones, crushed glass or glass beads with amber, blue or combination flame colours. Mood enhancing back-lighting lets you transition through different colours letting you effortlessly set the atmosphere to suit your mood.  View the full collection here.

Logic2 Electric Fire

Purpose built to slot into standard British and Irish fireplaces (also known as a 16” wide builder’s opening), the Gazco Logic2 electric fire is an easy way to achieve a classic or contemporary look.  And even if you don’t have a fireplace, these versatile electric fires can be installed with a rebated mantel with slip or simply fitted against a flat wall with our spacer frame. A wealth of frame and front options let you style your fireplace to suit, and a choice of flame visuals lets you find the perfect ambiance. Browse the range here.

Vogue Midi Electric Stoves

The Vogue Midi Electric represents the very latest in electric stove technology, creating captivatingly realistic, three-dimensional flame visuals. ChromaLight LED up-lighting adds to the display, combining with the choice of fuel effects to create the appearance of sparkling and glowing embers. Choose from plinth or Midline log store models, the latter which can be filled with logs for that authentic wood burner look. Check out the options here.

Experience the ambiance

To see these stylish electric fires and stoves in person, visit your local retailer who will be happy to demonstrate their full range of flame visuals and features.



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  1. Annette Mooney says:

    are electric fires you available in Ireland?

  2. Barry Pape says:

    What is the difference between ereflex and skope?

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