The Vision Electric Stove range: Blending style with technology

The Vision Electric Stove range: Blending style with technology

Designed to bring you the ultimate in clean modernity, the Vision Electric stove range combines angular for with sleek black glass surfaces for the ultimate in contemporary minimalism. Inside, our very latest immersive LED systems create extraordinary flame visuals, with a host of lighting and colour options to help you relax and unwind.


Looking for an electric stove but don’t want to go down the traditional route? The Vision electric stove range from Gazco has you covered.

Offered in three sizes, this contemporary electric stove will suit almost any room, from a tidy home office to a spacious open plan. Requiring only a three-pin plug socket, these stunning electric stoves make a very quick and easy addition to your home.

Pure, uninterrupted minimalism comes in the form of highly reflective black ceramic glass surfaces that will impress even when the stove is off. A stainless steel trim below the viewing window provides an eye-catching detail adding to the Vision’s bold, luxe aesthetic.

To elevate the flame visuals above a coffee table or simply just enhance your Vision electric stove’s presence, combine your stove with our range of stylish stove benches – available in various widths and heights.

An industry-leading electric flame effect & emberbed effect

Inside our Vision electric stoves is an advanced LED projection system that creates extraordinarily three-dimensional flame effect, with corresponding overhead lighting. To ensure complete immersion, an up-lighting system beneath the fuel effects captures the ever-changing glow of hot embers.

Should you wish to create a focal point with a different feel altogether, the Vision’s flame and ember bed lighting effects can be set to a spectrum of vivid colours. The log pebble bed can also be swapped for the included Crystal-ice fuel bed, creating a strikingly unique look that perfectly complements the Vision electric stove’s styling.

Easy operation

You can operate this electric stove via the easy-to-use Eco remote control. Kick back and adjust anything from the colour and intensity of the visuals to the room temperature you want your stove to reach. Visual effects can be enjoyed without the heat, but we have also built in various convenient settings to save energy such as Adaptive Start Control, which will turn the stove on 45 minutes before a pre-set time to reach the room temperature as economically as possible.

Have you considered wood burning and multi-fuel Vision stoves?

The Vision stove range is also available in gas, wood burning and multi-fuel versions should you wish to consider alternative fuel options. These stoves provide high-efficiency heat with incredible visuals – with the same stunning exterior. Speak to your local retailer to find out more about any Stovax & Gazco Vision stove.

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