The Stovax Studio 500: stylish landscape wood burning stoves

The Stovax Studio 500: stylish landscape wood burning stoves

Studio 500 wood burning stoves provide striking flame visuals and a high-efficiency heat source, all in a sophisticated, contemporary format. And thanks to their size and 5kW heat output, they are suitable for a huge range of homes.

A built-in wood burning stove for total minimalism

It doesn’t get much more minimalist than a built-in, integrated wood burning stove. The Studio 500 Cassette model fits flush to the wall with the sides and rear of the appliance enclosed for a clean aesthetic. Keep it as a hole-in the-wall fire or add presence with the Studio range’s array of stylish glass and steel frames.

A stunningly contemporary, landscape stove

The Studio 500 Freestanding wood burning stove features all the engineering and combustion technology of the Cassette version. Bringing the landscape proportions to a freestanding format, they create a superb focal point that can be elevated with Stovax’s collection of Stove Benches, perfect for ensuring the flames are visible above a coffee table. These stylish wood burning stoves can be enhanced with an optional black glass top plate for added style.

Suitable for towns and cities

Studio 500 built-in Cassette and Freestanding wood burning stoves are designed to burn with minimal emissions. Their high-efficiency heating and low emissions ensure they pass forthcoming Ecodesign air quality standards, and are exempt from DEFRA smoke control restrictions allowing them to be used in urban areas such as towns and cities.

High performance heating

The Studio 500’s landscape proportions and firebox have been engineered to minimise the loss of heat energy when burning wood. Air jets inject preheated air above the flames, burning off hydrocarbons and gases to get more heat from each log and reduce smoke emissions. The powerful array of air jets also includes Airwash ports that keep the glass clear for stunning flame visuals.

Get the most out of your Studio 500 wood burning stove

A variety of optional kits let you get the most out of your Studio 500 wood burning stove. Both built-in and Freestanding stoves can be installed with an external air kit to take combustion air from the outside of the property, minimising internal draughts.

Using the warm air ducting kit, the built-in Studio 500 Cassette can push heated air into an additional room or other parts of the room it is sited in. These inset fires can also be upgraded with a fan-assisted convection kit to help circulate combustion air for increased efficiency.

Where can I see a Stovax Studio wood burning stove burning?

Visit your local Stovax retailer to see the Studio 500 burning. They may also be able to show you the range’s larger models including the Studio Cassette 1, 2, and 3 inset models and Freestanding 1, 2, and 3 versions, as well as the double-sided Studio 2 Duplex. Alongside giving you a full demonstration of the Studio’s impressive visuals and responsive air controls, your expert retailer can also work out how your Studio will be installed to create the perfect centrepiece in your home.

4 responses to “The Stovax Studio 500: stylish landscape wood burning stoves”

  1. Hayley Cooper says:

    I would like to know where/how I can purchase a replacement stove glass for a Riva Studio 500 stove 517mm x 383mm please as the company who fitted my stove have cracked the glass in December and never returned to replace it. The product code is CE7888. If you would like to contact me by telephone my number is 07759 303086. Many thanks – Hayley

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Hayley, thanks for your commment. If you’d like to order replacement glass for your Studio 500, this can be purchased via our spares website here, alternatively you can also order this through a Stovax retailer and they may also offer to fit it for you.
      Hope this helps.
      Best wishes, Chris

  2. James Broadley says:

    Hi, i am looking to purchase the Stovax Riva Studio 500 Inset Cassette Wood Burning Stove, is this something you can supply direct to retail customer?

    Do you have this in stock?

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