Riva F40 The Perfect Backdrop to your Stovax Fire

The Perfect Backdrop to your Stovax Fire

A fireplace tile surround is a chic, quick way to frame your stove or inset fire whilst maintaining a clean, contemporary aesthetic.

The classic and neutral tone of the Cape Town fireplace tile surround frames the bright and warming flames of the Riva Studio 3 to perfection.

Stovax’s range of contemporary woodburning and multi-fuel stoves and inset fires have clean lines and a chic, simple style that can be easily introduced into today’s modern interiors.

Many properties no longer incorporate an inglenook in order to maintain a room’s smooth finish and if you wish to introduce a woodburner that is faithful to the look of your home, a freestanding inset or stove mounted on to a hearth will create a warming and stylish focal point. The question is how do you then frame your fire adequately without compromising the integrity of your decor scheme?

Stovax has a comprehensive range of fireplace tile surrounds that instantly create an elegant and clean backdrop to your solid fuel stove or inset fire and all made from materials that are suitable for use next to a heating appliance.

Featuring ‘up to the minute’ tile effects such as concrete, cement and wood as well as the more classic aesthetic of neutral creams, there are also tiles in large formats or mosaic structures offering you a range that is both broad and varied. The beauty of tiling around and underneath your stove or fire is the ease with which it can be applied, offering instant impact and very little maintenance; all resulting in greater opportunities to sit back and take pleasure in the warmth and atmosphere created by your Stovax woodburner.

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Posted by on January 16, 2013

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