Tawney owls make toasty nest in stove

Tawney owls make toasty nest in stove

Buy sustainably sourced wood and you can do your bit for our woodlands and owls!

Tawney owls make nest in Stovax stove

Here at Stovax and Gazco we were relieved to hear of the safe conclusion of the ‘owls in stove’ story – about two Tawney owls that made themselves a temporary home in a Stovax Huntington wood burning stove in Suffolk this week! Once set free, we hear that they made a new (and more suitable) home in a nearby barn.

It is a timely reminder to ensure you keep the birds and wildlife in your garden happy during the colder months with donations of food. You could also consult a chimney expert on ways to prevent birds from finding their way into your wood burning stove’s flue pipe. Your local retailer will be able to advise you.

Wood burning is a carbon neutral way to heat your home as the amount of carbon dioxide released during burning is roughly equivalent to that absorbed by the tree during growth. Furthermore, by buying wood that is sustainably sourced you can do your bit for our woodlands and the bio-diversity they support – something, we are sure the owls will be happy about! 

To find out more about where to buy good wood, consult the Quality Assured Fuel webpage of the Hetas website which contains a wealth of information.


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