Stovax’s Range of Lower Output Wood Burning Stoves

Stovax’s Range of Lower Output Wood Burning Stoves

A wood burning stove will bring light and warmth to your home and with it an irresistible ambiance of real, crackling flames. However, you might think that woodburners are only for larger country homes, but thanks to Stovax’s smoke control area approved stoves, homes in urban areas can now enjoy all the benefits of wood burning!

Stockton 3 burning wood

Stockton 3 burning wood

For those of you who desire a cast iron stove that has traditional appeal, the Huntingdon 25 could be the ideal option. With a heat output of 5kW this stove is certainly powerful for its size, and whether you opt for the clear glass version or the tracery door with Gothic styling, Airwash technology ensures a wonderful view of the beautiful flames.

The Stockton 3 and View 3 share the same 3.75 kW heat output, as well as the ability to fit neatly into a standard 22” high British fireplace opening, yet they offer two very different looks. The Stockton’s styling is more traditional, whereas the View provides a more contemporary slant with its geometric lines. Although both stoves are multi-fuel, they are also capable of burning wood with an impressive efficiency of up to 86%.

Sleek and contemporary with its black glass finish, the Riva Vision Small offers a generous heat output of 5kW. This stove comes in a dedicated wood burning version, designed specifically to burn wood with maximum efficiency and, like the Stockton 3 and View 3, the Riva Vision Small benefits from cutting-edge Cleanburn and Airwash technology, keeping the window clear and resulting in efficiencies of up to 76%.

Smaller wood burning stoves with a contemporary style look incredibly appealing when mounted on an optional stove bench, adding a new dimension to your appliance. Choose from a bench designed specifically for smaller stoves, or opt for a larger bench and gain the extra convenience of a storage space for your logs.

Smaller stoves are wonderful for more modest spaces, and your Stovax retailer can help you find your perfect model. For further information about our range of convenient, small wood burning stoves, visit your local showroom today.

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  1. John says:

    Hi there,

    I’m after a double sided landscape low output stove.

    Any suggestions? Struggling to find anything suitable


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