Stovax Studio: Experience the Ultimate in Wood Burning

Stovax Studio: Experience the Ultimate in Wood Burning

Landscape proportions and crisp, contemporary styling makes the Studio range one of the most stylish wood burning ranges available. Offered in hole in the wall and freestanding options, these extraordinary fires feature advanced, easy to use combustion systems, magnificent flame visuals and a wealth of styling options.

Studio Cassette hole-in-the-wall fires

Studio Cassette fires are designed to fit flush with the surrounding wall as an Edge, giving you that minimalist, hole in the wall look. Offered in four sizes, Studio cassette fires are suitable for a huge range of homes. The compact 500 is suitable for the majority of chimney breasts, with the larger 1 and even the 2 also accommodated in many cases.

The massive Studio 3 will usually be installed in a bespoke housing, giving you even greater creative options to create the perfect fireplace for your home. Similarly, the Studio 2 Duplex, a double-sided fire that allows the flames to be seen from two adjacent rooms, will also require a bespoke installation. Your local retailer will be able to conduct a site survey to demonstrate just how your Studio fire will make your dream interior come true.

Styling options

We know that everyone’s idea of the perfect fireplace is different. So each of our Studio Cassette wood burning fires can be enhanced with a selection of framing options, to transform their look. For added visual presence, choose from the Edge+, Profil or Steel XS frames which each add a matching black metal frame in varying widths.

If you’re looking for a little extra flair, you may wish to consider the Bauhaus, Steel, Glass, or Verve frames. Each adds considerable impact to your Studio fire whilst perfectly complementing its clean aesthetics.

Freestanding stoves

The Freestanding Studio range gives you an alternative take on these remarkable landscape wood burning fires. Neatly contained within a smooth black exterior, the Studio Freestanding range opens up a host of installation options.

Like the cassette versions, four sizes of these stylish stoves allow Freestanding Studios to fit inglenooks of varying sizes. They can also be positioned against a wall or even in the middle of a room as seen here in this stunning real-life installation in HMS Owl.  

To further expand installation options and allow you to easily increase the height of your fire, we created a range of stylish steel Stove Benches.

Environmentally designed

All models in our Studio range of wood burning fires and stoves feature high-efficiency combustion systems to release the maximum amount of heat from every log. Studio 1, 2 and 3 Cassette and Freestanding fires burn with such high performance and low emissions they meet future 2022 Ecodesign air quality standards.

These next-generation fires and stoves represent the future of wood burning, and each will add a practical and natural heat source to your home. To ensure your Studio fire (or any wood burning appliance) burns with optimal efficiency and clear flame visuals, always select good quality wood with a moisture content below 20%.

Studio Cassette and Freestanding Fire installation advice

For guidance on which Studio fire will be the perfect match to your home, contact your local Stovax retailer. They are experts in advising on technical considerations such as size and heat output but can also design your fireplace to realise your vision!

10 responses to “Stovax Studio: Experience the Ultimate in Wood Burning”

  1. Dirk Werkers says:

    Hi, I’m liking for a double sided wood burner. Studio 3 in a double sided version would be perfect. Is that an option? Thanks

  2. Mara Karlin says:

    I would like to purchase the riva 3 studio that is centered on a bench. I live in the United States. Can you ship to me? What is the fastest way to do so?bAll information is appreciated.
    Thank you,

  3. Dirk Werkers says:

    Hi Chris,
    Do you have a representation in London, please?
    We are based in London but need a large double-sided wood burner for a project in Italy.
    Ideally the Studio range you have
    How do you recommend us to proceed?
    And can we have a phone no to have a discussion, please?
    Many thanks,

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Dirk, thanks for your message. As a manufacturer, we work with retailers all over the UK including London. If you enter your postcode on our find a retailer page, it will show you your nearest one. Your retailer can advise you further. Hope this helps.
      Best wishes, Chris

  4. David says:

    Do you do a double-sided wood burner in the Studio series?

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