Stovax Slimline Stoves – Impressive flames without the extra heat

Stovax Slimline Stoves – Impressive flames without the extra heat

Stovax’s slimline wood burning stoves give you all the presence of a big log burner, whilst providing a manageable heat output for standard-sized or well-insulated rooms. Read on to find out more.

Looking for the magnificent flames and impressive presence of a large format stove? You’re not alone. For many homeowners, the expansive flame visuals of a big log burner make for an excellent focal point, especially in places they might be competing with a TV.

But what if you just don’t need the extra heat that comes with a bigger stove? Perhaps your living room’s size is more suited to a standard 5kW stove. Or maybe your home’s insulation means the additional kWs of heat from a larger appliance will have you opening windows in a bid to cool off!

If this conundrum sounds familiar, relax. We have developed a collection of specially designed wood burning stoves to solve this very problem. Featuring the frontal proportions and wide viewing window of large-format appliance, but with a shallow depth, these stunning slimline stoves give you expansive flame visuals without the extra heat. Take your pick from our various modern and traditional woodburners below.

Vision Medium Slimline Wood burning Stoves and Ecodesign Ready Multi-fuel Stoves

Sleek black glass surfaces give the Vision Medium Slimline a strong design language that makes a statement in any setting. Styling options let you tailor this designer 5kW wood burner to your home, with an optional matching glass top plate to complete the look and a matching glass plinth to increase the height.

Vogue Medium Slimline Wood Burning Stoves and Ecodesign Ready Multi-fuel Stoves

With its minimal styling, smooth curves and door bevel, the Vogue Medium Slimline is a subtly contemporary 5kW stove suitable for modern or period interiors – and anything in between. Versatile mounting options allow you to increase the height of these wood burning and multi-fuel stoves with a matching plinth or Midline log store, the latter which helps keep firewood within easy reach.

Chesterfield 5 Wide Wood Burning Stoves and Ecodesign Ready Multi-fuel Stoves

Harmonising traditional stove styling with modern features such as a large glass door panel, the 5kW Chesterfield 5 Wide wood burning and multi-fuel models are some of our most versatile stoves. A sweeping curved front and eye-catching rose scroll door handle differentiate the Chesterfield 5 Wide from the Sheraton model below.

Sheraton 5 Wide Wood Burning stoves and Ecodesign Ready Multi-fuel Stoves

Offering an alternative take on the Chesterfield stove above, the Sheraton 5 Wide blends the classic with contemporary for anyone looking for that elusive elegant but un-fussy aesthetic. Refined lines take precedent, with the Sheraton 5 Wide featuring unwavering front edges to the top plate, door and skirt. A D-pull door handle, elegant cabriole legs, and alternative bevelling style give these tasteful wood burning and multi-fuel stoves their own character.

Stockton 5 Wide Ecodesign Ready Fixed Grate Wood and Multi-fuel Stoves

The Stockton wood burning and multi-fuel stove range has remained a firm favourite in our large collection thanks to its traditional but rustic styling. Our Stockton 5 Wide comes in single and double door versions which each offer a different take on this attractive 5kW slimline stove.

Get the right stove for your home

Choosing the right size wood burning stove for your home might seem like a daunting task, but it really isn’t! Your local Stovax retailer will not only be able to show you our slimline stoves burning, they can also do a site survey to make sure your appliance provides the right amount of heat for your home. We have Stovax retailers the length and breadth of the UK, so just pop your postcode into our Find A Retailer tool to find your nearest one.

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