Huntingdon 40 Stovax Huntingdon Stoves

Stovax Huntingdon Stoves

Thinking of purchasing a Stovax stove in the next few months?

Thinking of purchasing a Stovax stove in the next few months? Look no further; our high-quality Stovax wood burners and multi fuel stoves should keep you dry and warm this coming winter season.

Our popular Huntingdon stove range is designed to suit a range of rooms from cosy country cottages to modern townhouses. The beautifully designed tracery doors of this traditional stove display a picture of comfort when the cool weather hits. You can choose to burn wood as well as other types of solid fuel in this wood burner.

Depending on space availability, our Huntingdon wood burners come in 5 stove sizes. If you can only facilitate gas and electric in your home, the Huntingdon 30 gas or electric stove will give you plenty of ambiance, warmth and comfort.

With over 30 years’ of dedicated development and manufacturing, Stovax has a large range of stove models and colours options to suit all types of homes from the traditional to the contemporary. Visit our website to see our extensive range of Stovax stoves and find your nearest Stovax retailer to discuss your specific needs.

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