Stovax features on Martin Roberts’ ‘Home Rule’ radio show on Virgin’s Talk Radio

Stovax features on Martin Roberts’ ‘Home Rule’ radio show on Virgin’s Talk Radio

Stovax’s Associate Sales Director Martyn Allen spoke to ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ presenter Martin Roberts on his Saturday home improvement programme ‘Home Rule’.

martyn-allenThe interview featured on the programme’s A-Z segment in the ‘F for Fireplaces’ slot on Virgin’s Talk Radio station.

In the interview, Stovax’s Martyn Allen delves into the history of stove and fireplace design, from its popular Victorian beginnings to today’s modern, freestanding, ultra-efficient innovations. With discussions on technology and eco-design, personal style (Martyn lives in a beautiful thatched cottage in Devon) and the future of the heating industry, Property Expert Martin Roberts covers a range of FAQ’s any stove owner would hope to get answered.

With over 20 years of experience in the heating industry, Stovax’s Martyn Allen knows a thing or two about the benefits of each fuel type or range of stove or fire. Listen to Martyn’s insights into the future of stove and fireplace design and his in-depth analysis of the ranges available on the market to see which stove or fire is right for you!

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