Brunel 3cb Solid fuel Brunel makes Ideal Home set cosy!

Solid fuel Brunel makes Ideal Home set cosy!

Find inspiration in a thoroughly tasteful and cosy sitting room featuring Stovax's multi-fuel Brunel stove, personally selected by Ideal Home magazine for their January issue.

Have you bought January’s Ideal Home magazine yet? Turn to pages 70 and 71 for a stunning and festive sitting room set featuring the Stovax Brunel 3CB, nestled in a cosy inglenook! This multi-fuel stove comes in three sizes so it can be introduced to rooms of varying proportion – the 1CB is the perfect addition to homes where space is at a premium although that is not to say a slighter stature in any way affects this stove’s ability to create plenty of warmth for all the family to enjoy!

The Stovax Brunel 1A, multi-fuel stove in Ivory Enamel

The Ivory Enamel finish on this Brunel 1A, adds an elegant touch to this multi-fuel stove.

The Brunel 3CB has a heat output of up to 7kW of heat and, like the rest of the Brunel family boasts a high efficiency rate which, alongside the Triple Air Systems helps to make the most of your fuel. Capable of burning logs, coal, peat, turf and briquettes, a multi-fuel stove allows you to take advantage of the best and most reasonably priced fuel available to you locally. Furthermore, all three sizes of the multi-fuel Brunel come with the option to include a boiler so you can generate hot water for your family at the same time as radiant warmth.

Choose from up to five colour finishes to tailor your stove to your existing decor or use it as a base to inspire a new decorative scheme. The stove featured in the Ideal Home magazine is finished in Matt Ivory for an elegant touch that complements the comforting and wide screen views of swirling flames and glowing embers.

For further information on the Brunel please visit one of our respected retailers or browse our contemporary and traditional woodburning and multi-fuel stoves on our website.

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