Riva2 750HL – a gas fire with a difference!

Riva2 750HL – a gas fire with a difference!

With today’s challenging lifestyles, homeowners are seeking a more convenient and effective way to heat their homes and many are finding their answer in the increasing popular, high efficiency, glass fronted, gas fires.

Benefits of Gazco’s highly efficient Riva2 750HL gas fire

Offering the best technology and an efficiency of up to 80%, the glass-fronted Gazco Riva2 750HL is the latest gas fire to join the much revered Riva2 range.

Designed to fit into standard 36” chimney openings, this stunning gas fire requires no additional flue liner when installed into an existing masonry chimney – a time and money saving option for many homeowners.

With a striking log-effect fuel bed and realistic glowing ember effect, this beautiful gas fire provides increased impact, effect and style, whilst the flames can be controlled with the Programmable Thermostatic remote control allowing you to set a programme for your fire or to maintain a desired room temperature and ensure a warm welcome, creating the perfect ambiance.

The Riva2 750HL gas fire can be suited to both traditional and contemporary settings and this versatile gas fire has a variety of frames to choose from whatever your interior décor style. Homeowners looking to revamp their period properties can select the seamless Edge, complemented by Stovax’s collection of high quality stone mantels which ensure a grand finish and a timeless fireplace for their homes. The subtle curve of the Verve XS portrays a modern focal point for the Riva2 750HL gas fire and the sleek Icon XS with its geometric and bold exterior really provides a stunning finish. Both the Evoke Glass and Evoke Steel feature a two-part design to create a contrasting central feature within your home.

To further enhance your fire’s styling possibilities, the Riva2 750HL gas fire offers three stylish linings to choose from, with Brick-effect, Black Reeded or Fluted Vermiculite lining all providing a unique finish whatever your choice.

The conventional flue Riva2 750HL gas fire can benefit all homeowners looking to make the most of their existing fireplace whether or not they are connected to a mains gas supply as it is available in both Natural gas and LPG options.

Find out more about the Riva2 750HL and other Gazco products by visiting your local Gazco retailer.

3 responses to “Riva2 750HL – a gas fire with a difference!”

  1. Tracey Finch says:

    What is the difference between Riva2 750HL and Reflex 75T

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi there, thanks for your message. The Reflex 75T and Riva2 750HL are both amazing fires and will make a fantastic centrepiece. However the main difference you’ll see is that the Reflex 75T uses different burner technology which offers greater depth and realism to the flames. It also has Myfire app control, EmberLight LED bed, EcoFlex gas saving and the more advanced Harmony10 control system which makes full use of these extra features. As I say, both great fires though and the Riva2 750HL is definitely still worth considering. Hope this helps!
      Many thanks, Chris

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