Repairing your Wooden Fire Surround

Repairing your Wooden Fire Surround

There is nothing worse than accidentally denting your beautiful Stovax wooden fire surround especially when the effect is a painfully obvious blemish right on the front of the wooden mantel.

You may think that it’s a complicated process of filling and sanding to get your wooden fireplace surround back to its natural best, but in fact it’s quite easy. You can, of course, buy many different varieties of wood filler for your fire surround in local DIY shops and building merchants, but, this way is cheaper and easier and can be done using things you would usually find in your home. As long as your wooden mantel or fire surround hasn’t split or cracked, the following method will have your mantel looking perfect again in no time.

  • Make sure the dent doesn’t have any dust or dirt in or around it before starting
  • Get a few sheets of kitchen roll and a cup of boiling water that has had a couple of minutes to cool
  • Take your kitchen roll and screw up into a ball
  • Taking care not to burn yourself on the hot water, dip one side of the kitchen roll into the water
  • Now hold the wet paper firmly on top of the dent for about 30 seconds
  • Remove the paper and dry the area with a dry cloth
  • You should now see that the dent has risen and is less visible than before. You could also use the best spindle sander to flatten the dent.
  • If you have a deep dent you may have to repeat this several times
  • Now allow your wooden fire surround to dry out for at least a day before protecting the surface with a suitable furniture wax

Stovax have a large range of wooden mantels and wooden fire surrounds as well as a large range of natural stone mantels and fire surrounds. To see this range of traditional fire surrounds and contemporary fire surrounds please visit the fireplaces menu at

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