Period features

Period features

Vintage aesthetics with the Classic Fireplaces range.

Films and dresses inspired by historic periods filled the Oscars again this year; and if you are searching for the lines and detailing of vintage aesthetics for your home’s fireplace, the Stovax Classic range offers plenty of choice.

Taking inspiration from the Georgian, Victorian and Art Nouveau periods of history, the Classic Fireplace range mixes graceful features with modern technology. Choose from either a vibrant or a more subdued palette with high quality materials including cast iron, exquisite glazed tiles, stone and wood. And with the option of a wood burning, multi fuel or gas fire there are choices for those who don’t have a chimney, furthermore, we have developed the 16″ insert panel which can be accommodated within a modern chairbrick fireplace meaning you do not necessarily need a period property to have a Classic fireplace.

For further information, browse our collection online or download a brochure. To see a Classic fireplace in person, find your local retailer via our website search tool.

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