Save up to £/€500 on high quality wood burning and multi-fuel stoves for a limited time only.

Made from high quality cast iron and designed with high efficiency combustion systems, our Brunel and Huntingdon stoves will provide your home with both an attractive and effective heat source. Almost all wood burning and multi-fuel stoves from each range are included in the offer, giving you a wealth of sizes and styles to choose from.

Our Brunel and Huntingdon stoves include dedicated wood burning as well as multi-fuel models for flexible fuel options. Multi-fuel stoves burn logs but also come furnished with a handy external riddling grate for the burning of smokeless mineral fuels.

For superb flame visuals, powerful Airwash air jets remove soot and ash from inside the stove glass for a clear view. Many Brunel and Huntingdon stoves also feature Cleanburn technology, which creates optimum burning conditions for high thermal efficiency.

Both of these traditional log burner ranges include a number of stoves that are exempt from DEFRA Smoke Control Area restrictions. These stoves allow you to burn good quality wood in towns and cities, making them suitable for anywhere in the UK.

If you’re looking for a statement aesthetic, you’ll be pleased to know that Ivory Enamel stoves are also included in our Cast Iron Savings promotion. These tastefully finished log burners exude elegance and style and feature a durable enamel coating for an alternative look to classic Matt Black.

With limited numbers of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves available and big savings to be made – they won’t last long! Visit your local retailer today to take advantage of these generous discounts.

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Posted by on October 8, 2019

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