All-new wood burning stoves: Sheraton 5 Wide

All-new wood burning stoves: Sheraton 5 Wide

Each Stovax stove is designed to provide both a practical and heating solution and a stunning focal point for your home. But the Sheraton 5 Wide takes things one step further. Read on to find out how the innovative design of these stylish wood burning and multi-fuel stoves translate into stunning flame visuals and high performance heating.

When it comes to stoves, the general rule of thumb is that the bigger and more impressive the flames, the larger the fire and the higher the heat output. But what if you want big flames and a moderate heat output better suited to standard room sizes?

Enter the Sheraton 5 Wide. Right from the original conceptual designs, the brief was simple: Impressive flame visuals, but the nominal 5kW heat output typical of standard stoves.

To achieve this, we made sure that the Sheraton 5 Wide wood burning and multi-fuel stoves had frontal proportions typically reserved for larger stoves. Bigger width and height dimensions allowed us to incorporate a huge ceramic glass panel featuring powerful Airwash jets to ensure it remains clear – for a superb view of the flames.

But this is where the  Sheraton 5 Wide’s resemblance to a larger appliance ends. From the side, it is actually shallower than a standard stove. By reducing the  depth, we were not only able to lower the heat output whilst maintaining the magnificent flame picture, we were also able to make the Sheraton 5 Wide suitable for even more installations– particularly those where a standard appliance might protrude too far into the room.  And for even more versatility, this cutting edge addition features the Sheraton range’s signature convector ‘Heat Flow System’. Built-in heat shields reduce distance to combustibles by drawing heat from the rear of the stove and channeling it into the room.

Both wood burning and multi-fuel models are DEFRA approved for urban Smoke Control Areas, with the multi-fuel version independently certified as SIA Ecodesign Ready thanks to its superb heating performance, which minimises smoke emissions.

Like the Sheraton 5, this wider, Slimline version can be selected with either short or tall legs as required, with both types styled to suit the traditional yet timeless design.

For more information, or to see the Sheraton 5 Wide burning contact your local retailer.

4 responses to “All-new wood burning stoves: Sheraton 5 Wide”

  1. JAYNE SMITH says:

    Hi, I’m am looking for a wood burner for my Irving room but I do not have a chimney. Currently we have a gas fire with a flue to the outside wall. Would you be able to recommend a choice of stoves/burners that would be suitable please.
    Thank you

    • Alex says:

      Thank you for your email. I advise you contact one of our retailer to see which stove would be most suitable for your living room. Your nearest retailer can be found here.

  2. William says:

    Hi could you give me the distants from the Sheraton 5 to combustible materials please

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