New and improved Logic2 Electric Fires

New and improved Logic2 Electric Fires

Gazco's new Logic2 electric range is equipped with three new interchangeable fuel beds to get the perfect atmosphere whenever needed.

Introducing our Logic2 electric fires series with three new and improved interchangeable fuel beds, these are the perfect welcome home.

With a host of 11 combinations available for the frame and front of these electric fires, they will fit within any decor they are placed in. The fuel beds are varied, and include the log-effect for a traditional wood burning feel, white and clear stones for a beach look or simply a set of grey stones for a very contemporary look. These three are easily switched out for a variety of different aesthetics when the time is right.


Advanced LED technology and a 99% efficiency, the Logic2 collection is an eye catching contemporary focal point.

Whether you’re in the mood for a brilliant Cool Blue or a Deep Amber atmosphere for your room, these fires can be used when it’s cold outside, but also with the flame effect only for those days when it’s already warm but you’re still craving that ambiance from your fire.


We have a range of new styles available including the Logic2 Electric Arts, Logic2 Electric Chartwell, Logic2 Electric Wave and the Logic2 Electric Progress.

Check with your local retailer for more information on any of the above electric fires.

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