Nordpeis ME wood burning stove Modern home heating – unusual log burner ideas for your home

Modern home heating – unusual log burner ideas for your home

When it comes to heating our homes, log burners have always been a favourite for the aesthetic appeal they add to the living space. Here’s our pick of some more unusual designs, from hanging wood burners to fake log burner options.

We’re seeing a rising trend towards unusual and avant-garde log burners that cater to contemporary interior designs. Here are some of the more unique and innovative options available.

Onyx Orbit electric stove: a futuristic floating log burner

The Onyx Orbit electric log burner is a perfect example of what you’d describe as a ‘floating log burner‘. This state-of-the-art hanging stove blends with the most modern of living spaces, offering both a contemporary flame effect and an ultra-modern design. It hangs from the ceiling like a pendant, with an exposed flame effect for added realism.

Hanging Log burner. Onyx Orbit electric fireplace.

Its electric operation means it’s suitable for homes without an existing chimney, with the lengths of flue housing both the wires to connect the fire, as well as giving the look of a real flue pipe. Its adjustable heating settings allow you to achieve the perfect temperature without fuss, all from a handy remote control.

Nordpeis ME wood burning stove: elegant hanging log burner

Next in our list of unusual log burners is the Nordpeis ME wood stove. This appliance is the epitome of ‘hanging log burner’ design. The Nordpeis ME adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness by being suspended from the ceiling, offering ultimate wow-factor. This award-winning wood stove also ensures high efficiency with its advanced Ecodesign technology. It provides the cosy warmth of traditional log burners while flaunting a sleek and artistic appearance.

Nordpeis ME wood burning stove. Floating log burner.

If the hanging design isn’t for you, the Nordpeis ME can also be mounted in a multitude of formats including pedestal mounts, log store stands, benches, and even the ability to mount directly to a wall.

Fake log burners: electric fireplaces for modern living

Many homeowners today prefer the idea of a fake log burner that closely mimics the look of real wood burning stoves, but without the installation, heat, and maintenance a real wood stove requires. With the option for zero heat output, the fake log burner is ideal for decorative purposes, particularly in warmer climates or during the summer months.

Onyx Avanti electric fire in a kitchen

Electric fireplaces are also often selected for their sheer ease of installation. They can be placed almost anywhere without the need for a chimney or flue, which makes them typically a more cost-effective option to both purchase and install.

They often make the perfect companion to the new build home. New build properties are usually very energy-efficient and highly insulated, making the no heat feature even more attractive.

Importance of purchasing from your local retailer

In the ever-evolving world of log burners, the importance of purchasing from your local retailer cannot be overstated. Local retailers offer unparalleled expertise, guiding you through the complexities of choosing the right log burner to suit your home’s style, size, and heating requirements. Their extensive knowledge of the products and understanding of local regulations ensures that you not only invest in a product that complements your living space but one that operates safely and efficiently. As you explore the wide range of unconventional log burner options, trust in the support of your local retailer to make a choice that brings warmth, beauty, and satisfaction to your home for years to come.

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Posted by on August 11, 2023

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