Looking for a Classic Fireplace?

Looking for a Classic Fireplace?

Many owners of period or traditional houses appreciate the appeal of a beautiful fireplace. A magnificent mantelpiece surrounding an old-fashioned grate with logs crackling and conjuring a dance of flames – it’s a scene to come home to on a cold day that delights and reassures in equal measure.

Our classic fireplaces include a variety of both period precise reproductions and history inspired, designer styles. Featuring a grate and built-in fireback, these complete fireplaces can be inserted into 36” by 36” (915 x 915mm) chimney openings or larger. Designed to burn solid-fuels such as wood or coal, they can also be selected as a gas fire with optional remote control. This blog lists our top five classic fireplaces.

Alexandra Insert fireplace in Matt Black with Claremont mantel

Alexandra Insert fireplace in Matt Black with Claremont mantel

1.) Classic Arched Insert Fireplaces

Complemented by a selection of our high quality mantels, the Classic Arched insert fireplace has become an icon of timeless design. Originally created around 1880, this charming fireplace is just as appropriate for 21st Century decor as it was for period homes.

2.) Decorative Arched Insert Fireplaces

Designed around the time of the Great Exhibition in 1851, the Decorative Arched Insert pre-dates the Classical model by some 30 years and can be complemented by a range of our beautiful mantels.

3.) Alexandra Insert Fireplaces

Our beautiful cast iron fireplace, Alexandra portrays a restrained elegance reminiscent of the late Edwardian era. It incorporates authentic hand-cast detailing and a graceful curving arch that can be finished in your choice of Matt Black, Highlight Polish or Fully Polished finished options.

4.) Adelaide Insert Fireplaces

Adelaide Insert Fireplace with William IV Cast Iron Mantel

Adelaide Insert Fireplace with William IV Cast Iron Mantel

Based on a model originating from 1837, the Adelaide fireplace is named after the queen’s consort to William IV. Featuring a particularly large grate which makes it ideal for burning, this classic fireplace is available in traditional Matt Black or Polished finishes. There is a gas option complete with remote control if you do not wish to burn logs or coal.

5.) Kensignton & Knightsbridge Insert Fireplaces

To help achieve a look reminiscent of the Baroque era, the classical Kensington and Knightsbridge Inserts Fireplace characterises this period perfectly. These overtly ornate fire inserts have a definite aristocratic air about them. You even have the option to have a gas fire with upgradeable remote control if you do not wish to burn logs or coal.

You can download our classic fireplace brochure or visit your local Stovax retailer for more information.

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  1. John Dutton says:

    Regarding the Arched Classic inset fireplace your details state that this will require a 36 x 36 opening, can you provide me with additional dimensions including the depth and any chimney connections please.

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