Log burning stoves – 5 tips to consider before you buy!

Log burning stoves – 5 tips to consider before you buy!

Autumn is a time for brisk walks, large cups of teas and a warm fire waiting for you at home. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing heating appliance or simply need some advice on choosing the perfect log burning size or style for your home, Stovax has a wide range of log burning stoves and useful advice that will get your home ready and warm before the start of the winter.

Enjoying the benefits of a log burner

A couple enjoying the benefits of a log burner

If you’re a first time stove buyer, our comprehensive website provides you with all the important information on fuel types, installations, style choices and your closest retailer where you can purchase your log burning product. With wood becoming the most popular choice for fuel because of its carbon neutral benefits, many homes are now looking to add a log burner to their home. Before purchasing your log burner, there are main points to consider listed below:

Book a site survey

Prior to any heating installation, we highly recommend that you complete a site survey which will identify the requirements for the hearth, flue system, ventilation and clearances to any combustible material to maintain safe use. It will also identify the most suitable appliance for the location of your home. This must be done by a suitably qualified registered installer. Most urban and city homes are located in a Smoke Control Area, which means that you are only permitted to use exempt appliances if you live in this area. If you currently have a non-exempt appliance, you are only permitted to burn authorised fuels. Our website has a dedicated web page that list all Stovax stoves, fires and fireplaces that are suitable for use in these Smoke Control Areas.

Understanding the role of your stove

A log burning stove can have numerous roles for your home and homeowners can either have the option to heat a certain room or an entire house – even homes without a chimney can install a wood burner. First and foremost, you will need to measure the size of your room to help find out the appropriate stove size needed. Visit our FAQ section to help you calculate the size of stove required for a particular room that you wish to install a log burner into. Your local retailer will be able to guide you with this. If you are looking to reduce your overall heating fuel costs, boiler stoves can be used to supply your domestic hot water and central heating requirements or augment your existing heating system via “link up” technology. The Stockton 14HB boiler stove has the ability to heat up to 19 radiators – perfect for larger properties! Alternatively, there are other models such as the Stockton 8HB and the View 7HBi which can heat up to 9 radiators and more appropriate for smaller homes.

If you are looking to install a log burner but don’t have an existing chimney, the highly versatile Stovax Professional XQ™ twin wall system can be configured for either internal or external installation to suit virtually any requirement. It can also open up new possibilities for rooms such as conservatories or other unconventional spaces to allow many more homes to enjoy the benefits of a log burning stove.

The style of stove

Stockton 5 log burning stove

Stockton 5 log burning stove

Today, there is a wide range of log burning stoves to choose from whatever the style of your home. Our traditional stoves are made from the finest cast iron or steel and are available in a selection of beautiful colour finishes to complement your home’s period look. Both the Riva Vision and the Riva Studio Ranges have a more contemporary finish and also have the flexibility of plinth and bench options to further enhance your styling possibilities. 

For those wanting to create a “double” focal feature with the bonus of heating two rooms at once, the Stockton double sided log burning stove can be enjoyed in two separate rooms at the same time!

Add value to your property

A recent article from the Daily Mail suggests that buying a log burning stove will add 5% percent value to your property. With open fire efficiencies being significantly lower than log burning stoves, a considerable amount of homeowners are now adding a log burner to their homes to increase their property’s value.

Buying from an expert

Our log burning stoves are only available from our extensive network of Stovax expert retailers. Purchasing your stove from these retailers means you will be provided with a Five Year Extended warranty for your log burner. For full warranty terms and conditions, please visit our warranty information page.

A Stovax retailer will be able to arrange a site survey for you, advise on the size of log burner and help you choose the perfect style of fire for your home.

3 responses to “Log burning stoves – 5 tips to consider before you buy!”

  1. Andy says:

    Thanks for the 5 great tips, the Stovax Riva Vision is my favourite.

  2. Colin says:

    After 20 plus years of fitting stoves for others I have eventually fitted a Riva 50 in my 70’s house. Wish I had done it years ago but as was too busy fitting everyone else’s.

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