Vision Small Wood Burning with optional Glass Top Plate Introducing the newly enhanced Vision Wood Burning Stoves

Introducing the newly enhanced Vision Wood Burning Stoves

Stovax's Vision Range has been updated to include ultra-green credentials and an enhanced window for a better view of the flames.

New for this season, are the enhanced Vision Wood Burning models, both the Small and Medium have been updated to be Ecodesign compliant as well as having larger windows for a better view the flames.

Their state-of-the-art fireboxes burn so cleanly, these stoves reduce emissions to an absolute minimum. These ultra-green stoves generate high heat output levels of up to 9kW and work at an efficiency rate of up to 81%.

These stoves have been updated to include easy to use air controls and each size can be installed partially sealed with an external air supply which helps to minimise draughts in the house as well as potentially negating the need of an additional air vent.

For more information, visit your local retailer.

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