Nordpeis Outdoor Fireplaces and Barbecues Introducing… BBQ Grill, Fire Pit and Outdoor Fireplaces from Nordpeis

Introducing… BBQ Grill, Fire Pit and Outdoor Fireplaces from Nordpeis

The Stovax Heating Group is venturing into the great outdoors, with a new chapter from Nordpeis. Bringing Norwegian innovation to British garden design and outdoor dining, we’re excited to announce two new product ranges, bringing you everything you need for versatile cooking, al fresco cuisine and outdoor heating in your own garden.

Kitchen and Barbecue Designs for Your Garden

With the Nordpeis Air or Nordpeis Roma, here are two ways to easily bring style to your garden – along with outdoor heating and barbecue functionality.

Nordpeis Air – Fire Pit, BBQ Grill, plus outdoor seating options!

With its stylish yet practical form, the Nordpeis Air is a smart outdoor barbecue and fireplace, designed to burn natural firewood or charcoal.

There are endless ways you can have your Air, from a fire pit model to a full garden kitchen and outdoor seating.

Nordpeis Air Fire Pit

The Air comes as a fire pit model, which makes the perfect solution for a garden centrepiece with its minimalist Scandi design and unfinished concrete exterior. You can even select an optional steel grill and windbreak to place on top of your fire pit for those evenings where you want to do a little relaxed cooking.

The Nordpeis Air also comes as a functional BBQ Grill, designed to be both a statement and the ultimate station for al fresco cooking. The BBQ Grill suite comes with a handy steel tool rail for hanging your cooking utensils, a steel grill and windbreak for cooking, and an anti-drip strip for keeping spillages at bay. The BBQ Grill model can also be selected with a host of optional extras, including Kebony® wooden side shelves, a wooden shelf for the log store base below, plus an optional sizzle plate for a versatile cooking surface.

Nordpeis Air BBQ Grill Suite

With its modular design, you can extend your BBQ Grill into an endless number of configurations, whether that’s additional bench seating using the optional extension modules, or even build up into a cubic outdoor kitchen island – kitted out with whatever you need to make outdoor cooking fun and easy.

Nordpeis Air Outdoor Kitchen

Find out more about the full range at the Nordpeis website.

Nordpeis Roma – Log Burner and Barbecue all in one!

True to typical Scandi style, the Roma offers a stylish cylindrical design that allows you to both heat and cook in your outdoor space. Made from lightweight concrete, and finished in light-coloured Thermotte™, the Roma offers an optimal view of the flames – perfect for when you are warming yourself by the fire on a late summer’s evening.

Nordpeis Roma Concrete Chiminea Barbecue Fireplace

The material is extremely durable and shock-resistant, and is very easy to assemble and install for an instant al fresco statement.

Inside the Roma is a removable grill that can be easily slotted inside the chamber with the provided tools for open-air cooking.

Nordpeis Roma Chiminea With Barbecue Grill Removed

At the base of this chic concrete barbecue is a handy log store for both keeping your fire fuelled, plus adding a natural texture to your garden space. If you wish to tailor your Roma further to a garden colour scheme, you can paint the unfinished concrete with a silica-based masonry paint to suit your garden designs.

Find out more about the Nordpeis Roma by speaking to your local retailer.

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