Inspired Design. Innovative Engineering. The new Gazco Chesterfield 5 Gas Stove

Inspired Design. Innovative Engineering. The new Gazco Chesterfield 5 Gas Stove

An unmistakable modern classic, the Chesterfield 5 Gas stove’s elegant detailing, clean lines and sweeping curves offer a stylish take on iconic design.

Made in Britain using the same cast iron and premium steel construction as our woodburning and multi-fuel Chesterfield’s, this gas stove looks and feels every bit as authentic as a log burner.

Remarkably realistic

Tall, rolling flames dance among highly realistic log and ember effects, with multiple flame ports ensuring a varied and life-like display. Beneath the logs, realistic fuel media completes the visual.

EchoFlame Black Glass

For enhanced visual depth and clarity, our EchoFlame Black Glass lines the Chesterfield 5 Gas stove’s firebox and reflects the flames from the sides and rear.

Complete remote control convenience

Out of sight, our advanced gas fire technology ensures this innovative stove provides a high-efficiency heat output. Heat and flame height are easy to adjust with the thermostatic remote control, which also lets you ignite and extinguish your stove without getting up.

No chimney? No problem

For rooms without a chimney, the Chesterfield 5 Gas stove comes in a balanced flue version. A twin walled flue pipe removes the stove’s combustion gases whilst drawing in combustion air. A balanced flue can be installed through an exterior wall or through a roof, giving you the freedom to have your gas stove fitted in almost any room.

Using a chimney? Our Linerless Kit can reduce installation costs

Are you planning to have your gas stove installed in your home’s existing chimney? Our conventional flue Chesterfield 5 Gas stove has been designed to work with our linerless kit which speeds up installation and reduces fitting costs. Provided your installer is satisfied with the condition of your chimney, a linerless kit means there’s no need for a flexible liner to be dropped down through the chimney from the roof.

Also in electric

In addition to the Chesterfield 5 gas and wood burning stoves, this stunning design is also available as a mesmerising electric stove. With no installation required, you can just plug and play for instant ambience. Find out more about the innovative Chesterfield 5 Electric here.

Only available from Gazco retailer showrooms

Contact your local Gazco retailer to see the Chesterfield 5 Gas stove burning. Your local retailer will be able to give you a full demonstration, help you choose the right version for your home and answer any questions you might have concerning installation.

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