Riva Studio 3 Freestanding Impressive freestanding wood burning fires

Impressive freestanding wood burning fires

The wood burning Riva Studio 3 Freestanding will complement many interiors.

Stovax is pleased to introduce a new wood burning fire to its extensive range with the striking Riva Studio 3 Freestanding.

A natural extension to the Riva Studio family which now totals four sizes, the 3 Freestanding also offers high efficiency levels and stunning widescreen views of swirling flames.

With clean, contemporary lines the Riva Studio 3 Freestanding will complement many interiors and can be customised with the new Riva 180 Bench in either the High or Low version. Furthermore, Stovax has developed a heat shield that allows a reduction of 85% in the distance to combustible materials at the rear of the Riva Studio Freestanding when it is sited on a Riva Bench – further increasing the styling possibilities open to you.

The Riva Studio family includes the 1 Freestanding which is perfect for cosy sitting rooms.

The Riva Studio Freestanding comes with Stovax’s technically advanced cleanburn combustion and air wash systems, keeping the glass clean so you can make the most of the impressive flame pictures. Coupled with the welcoming ambiance that wood burning fires naturally provide in abundance, you can be sure that whatever your installation choice, the Riva Studio 3 Freestanding will make a thoroughly eye-catching addition to your home.

Your local retailer will be able to tell you more about our contemporary wood burning fires. Find your local retailer here. Additionally you can browse information in our brochures from our online brochure page. Please click here for access to it.

8 responses to “Impressive freestanding wood burning fires”

  1. janice watson says:

    Can you tell me if the Riva 2 freestanding stove has a back flue? If not which contemporary freestanding stove do.

  2. Helen D Vogel says:

    Hello there, can I order a wood burning stove from you directly? I have a model in mind that we would like. Thank you, please let me know.

    • Alex says:

      Dear Helen,
      Thank you for your message. I am afraid you cannot purchase from us directly. If you head to our Find A Retailer page – you can find your nearest local supplier and they will have showrooms and prices for you.

      I hope this helps,

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