Riva Studio 2 Sienna High Efficiency Gas Fires. More Heat For Less Money

High Efficiency Gas Fires. More Heat For Less Money

Save 55% on your gas bills AND have 45% more heat this winter

You could save 55% on your gas bills AND have 45% more heat this winter, by simply replacing your old gas fire with a high efficiency model. This is despite gas prices rising to unprecedented levels, rising by 169% since 2003, as the efficiencies of gas fires have been increasing at an even faster rate!

For instance, if you have an open fronted gas fire that is over 5 years old, it could be as little as 25% efficient, using as much as 9.45kW of energy to generate only 2.4kW of heat, with the rest of the heat going straight up your chimney!

Our very latest gas fires, such as the innovative Gazco Studio and E-Box™ models, have significantly improved efficiencies of up to 86% (only 4.1kW of gas being used to put 3.5kW of heat into the room the fire is in).

This means that by upgrading your old open fronted gas fire to a Gazco high efficiency glass fronted fire, you can save 57% on your gas fuel costs AND have 46% more heat!

4 responses to “High Efficiency Gas Fires. More Heat For Less Money”

  1. Liz pangrazi says:

    Could you let me have a price list

  2. Linda Clark says:

    I have Studio 1 no longer working as some parts no longer available. It looked good whether lit or not although over recent years it did not run efficiently with batteries needing replacement far too frequently.
    I now need a replacement to fill same space . The current one has a limestone surround which I want to keep. What would you suggest the way forward is ?

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