Get the look – Chesterfield 5 wood burning stove featured in Good Homes Magazine!

Get the look – Chesterfield 5 wood burning stove featured in Good Homes Magazine!

If you picked up the December issue of Good Homes magazine, you may have seen our beautiful Chesterfield 5 wood burning and multi-fuel stove shown in their ‘5 Style Rules to the perfect Christmas’ feature. While Christmas is still a while away, if you are passionate about interior décor it is likely that you will be planning your festive theme already. We can help you get this clean but classic look with the steps below.

1. Choose a Stovax or Gazco stove as a focal point

One of the cosiest additions to any room is a log burner, whether you opt for gas, wood burning or electric. This look features a Chesterfield 5 wood burner from Stovax. This wood burning stove has a classic yet contemporary feel, with its curved front and cornice detailing to the door. A rose scroll door handle adds a touch of elegance, whilst the stove provides a comforting warmth and a cosy glow. Aside from being a highly efficient stove, the Chesterfield 5 is also Ecodesign Ready, lowering emissions to a minimum.

We’ve installed the stove within a Stovax Grafton Stone mantel in Natural Limestone, which provides a feeling of decadence to the overall look. Within the inglenook, opt for statement tiles such as Mr Jones Ash Tiles from Walls and Floors – they add interest and look great all year round, not just at Christmas.

2. Accessorise your mantelpiece

Part of the fun when it comes to Christmas décor is how much you can accessorise your mantelpiece. In our room, we chose to keep our garland across the mantel natural using real foliage, but added accessories from Nkuku on the mantelpiece itself for balance. One good tip is to tie in your Christmas accessories with your existing homeware, such as our lights from Industville, which feature over the fireplace. The brass accessories throughout add a sophisticated finish.

3. Theme your Christmas tree

One way to create a cohesive cosy look in your home is to theme your Christmas tree. Our room features a Loaf Crumpet Love Seat in Blossom Clever Linen, which complements the nod to period-styling of our Chesterfield wood burning stove and adds a feeling of warmth and playfulness. It worked well to choose flattering tones for the decorations on the tree – you can find a nice variety of ornaments at stockists such as John Lewis, Hobby Craft or even H&M. Using wooden accents and natural-themed accessories give the room a neutral yet earthy feel that pairs well with the blush tones in the room. The result is a soft, elegant theme that brings the whole room together and echoes the sense of calm that comes from this fresh and harmonious space.

If you like the look of this wood burning stove and want this to be your future Christmas fireplace, talk to your local retailer.

Image shown: © Good Homes magazine, as featured in the December issue, on sale 6th November 2019. Find out more:

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