Gazco’s Stunning eReflex Electric Fire Range

Gazco’s Stunning eReflex Electric Fire Range

Designed with the very latest LED technologies and offering a choice of interchangeable fuel beds, the eReflex electric fire range effortlessly brings mesmerising effects and a fireside glow to your home.

eReflex flame visuals dance amongst a deep bed of realistic logs or shining crystals, for a truly captivating focal point. Vivid flame effects are projected inside this state-of-the-art electric fire to create a three-dimensional display, and can be set to cosy amber, cool blue or even a combination of the two!

Customise your electric fire 

eReflex fires come with a variety of fuel effects that transform the fire’s look and feel. A selection of realistic logs gives this electric fire a traditional wood fire aesthetic, particularly when positioned on the bed of clear and grey pebble effects. For an alternative look and feel, the Crystal-Ice effect fuel bed dramatically transforms the eReflex into a distinctive ‘objet d’art’, enhancing the vivid Chromalight up-lighting colour options.

Thanks to the eReflex’s easily removable glass front, you can quickly mix and match the assortment of effects, to create your own bespoke electric fire – which can be switched up whenever you feel like a change!

Inset and outset electric fire options

This advanced range of electric fires comes in two formats to suit your home, with single sided inset models and panoramic multi-sided versions.

Fitting flush with your wall or into a purpose built housing, the eRefllex Inset electric fires create a clean installation that integrates seamlessly with your interior. Choose from two portrait fire sizes and four landscape fire sizes to achieve the perfect look for your home.

Thanks to their versatile nature, Both eReflex 55R and 75R electirc fires can be combined with Gazco’s beautiful stone mantels and optional hearths for a splendidly traditional fireplace. Choose from any one of six classic mantel designs in either Limestone or Antique White Marble, for an eye catching centrepiece in your home.  Both of these stunning electric fires have slip sets to ensure a complete and integrated finish with the mantel you choose.

Designed to offer a multi-sided view of the mesmerising flames and lighting effects, eReflex Outset electric fires can be installed as three-sided or two-sided versions, depending on your preference. Two sided installations are perfect for corner fire solutions, and can be fitted in right or left configurations to suit.

The versatile nature of eReflex Outset electric fires means they can be finished in various materials, from wood surrounds to tiles, for a bespoke installation.

Cutting-edge Control

Each eReflex fire comes complete with an advanced Programmable Thermostatic Eco Remote Control. Packed with features, this svelte handset lets you adjust heat, change flame colours and brightness as well as control the fire’s Chromalight up-lighting. Ambient heating control allows you to set the optimum temperature for your room between 15°C and 25°C, with the eReflex managing heating power to reach the chosen temperature as efficiently as possible.

But that’s not all. eReflex electric fires also feature a number of innovative eco modes linked to the handset such as such as Open Window Detection. This powerful energy saving feature turns off the heat if a sudden drop in room temperature of 4°C or more is detected, such as when a door or window is opened. Heating can be easily resumed by pressing the heat button again or closing the window.

Stylish Trento suites for a hang-on-the-wall installation

For a super simple installation, our range of Trento Suites let you hang landscape eReflex Outset fires on the wall. Featuring stylish floating shelves, this convenient installation option completely houses your eReflex electric fire and provides a statement look. Available for Outset 70W and 110W electric fires, you can choose from a host of configurations including two and three sided options to help position your electric fire exactly where you want it.

For more information on eReflex electric fires, visit your local retailer.


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