VFC Spanish Front Gas Fire Fact Sheet

Gas Fire Fact Sheet

A modern gas fire can contribute to the efficient, economical heating of your home.

While central heating is the most widely-used way to heat houses in the UK, using an individual space heater such as a modern gas fire can also contribute to the efficient, economical heating of your home.

A modern, efficient gas fire will:

  • Provide economical heating at any time, directly where you want it.
  • Be particularly effective when you don’t want to turn on the whole central heating system or when you want to warm a single room quickly – for example when you come in on an unexpected chilly evening.
  • Provide an important “focus” for your living room – but having an attractive fire does not have to mean low energy efficiency and high carbon emissions. Modern technology means that very efficient gas fires, with high “flame effect” visual appeal, are now readily available.

Key Points

  • Ease of upgrade – Replacement of an existing, less efficient, older gas fire is easy – modern efficient gas fires are compatible with existing flues and chimneys or even where there is no chimney at all.
  • Modern high efficiency – There are a number of different types of modern gas fire – not all of which have the same efficiency and features. It is important to consider the right type of gas fire for your needs.
  • Cost savings – replacing an old gas fire with a new, high-efficiency unit can offer significant savings per annum depending on the fire you choose.
  • Relative cost vs other fuel types – Gas costs less per kWh than heating oil, LPG, electricity and, in most cases, wood. Although anthracite and bituminous coal are cheaper, the emissions from these fuels are the highest of the fuel types.
  • Relatively low CO2 Emissions – Gas generates less carbon per purchased kW/hr than economy electric, heating oil, anthracite and bituminous coal. It is second only to logs and wood pellets. You can improve your carbon emission rate considerably depending on the gas fire you choose.
  • Safety Features – gas fires installed before 1997 may not have the important safety features used on modern gas fires – designed to safely shut down the gas fire if there is a severe reduction in the oxygen level in the room where the fire is installed. NB. This reduction in oxygen could occur if the ventilation to the room is blocked, allowing combustion products to escape into the room.
  • Aesthetics – costs savings, higher efficiency and ease of installation does not mean compromising on the look of your house. There are many choices of fires to complement your décor and meet to your specific requirements
  • Controllability – with a gas fire, you have heat at the flick of a switch and remote controls and remote controls allow you to operate everything from ignition to flame height at the touch of a button. Programmable sequential remote control on glass fronted Gazco studio fires offer the additional benefit of programmable timer and thermostatic controls, ensuring that, if you choose to set it, whenever you return home your house will be warm and welcoming.

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