The Freestanding Elise Range

The Freestanding Elise Range

The Freestanding Ecodesign Ready Elise wood burning and multi-fuel range is a brilliant contemporary focal point for any modern home or newbuild, and can sit within an inglenook fireplace, or as a freestanding stove in the room. Find out what benefits this range has to offer your home!

Freestanding Elise 540 Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stove

The Freestanding Stovax Elise 540 can offer you a heat output of 5kW and has the ability to operate up to 83% heating efficiency, meaning they can easily warm a standard sized room and living space. This appliance is Ecodesign ready.

The Freestanding Elise 540 is also available in Glass or Steel fronted models.

Stovax's Freestanding Elise 540 Glass Wood burning

Freestanding Elise 540T Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stove

The Elise 540T’s horizontal firebox ensures soaring stunning visuals of your fire, as well as producing a heat output of 5kW. For those of you that enjoy the contemporary, this wood burning and multi-fuel stove might be a wonderful option for you. This particular appliance can be styled with a range of options, including a Glass or Steel door front or a standing bench to make a more powerful focal point.

This wood burning and multi-fuel stove is also available as a wall mounted model.

Freestanding Elise 540T Wall Mounted Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stove

The Stovax Freestanding 540T is available as a wall-mounted stove for a stylish and contemporary look. Choices of Glass or Steel door options, and a top or rear flue depending on your interior needs.

This wood burning and multi-fuel stove is also available as a hearth or bench mounted model.

Freestanding Elise 680 Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stove

The Elise 680 has the largest window for a more expansive view of your flame visuals. Producing a powerful 7kW heat output and an impressive 79% efficiency. When burning wood, these stoves offer a green heating choice for those households attempting to minimise their carbon footprint.

Available in both Glass and Steel.

Stovax's Elise Glass 680 Freestanding Wood Burning

If you think you are someone that might be interested in this Ecodesign Ready and contemporary range, then make your way to our Find A Retailer page to find your local expert supplier today.

4 responses to “The Freestanding Elise Range”

  1. Emily says:

    where can I get an elise 680 in Ireland please?

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi There,

    Why is the Elise 540 freestanding Range discontinued? If needed any parts , would that be a problem for the future?


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